Pharaoh Venom 911 is an savage rapper, his flows are nasty as hell and sound particularly depraved when spat over arid, airy beats like last year’s single ‘Kiss Of Death’. Packing a massive and eerily distorted hook, the song carries an unstoppable energy and utilises countless flows, each of which sound terrifyingly lucid thanks to the rapper’s snarl. Indeed, the references to tarantulas on the chorus is highly apt, as each time Pharaoh unleashes his vocal whirlwind he sounds even more sinister and deadly.

On his two new tracks, Venom continues to prove his worth as a rapper tackling dark subjects. ‘STALKN’ is as ominous as ever before, the beat slow and skulking and the flow quieter but no less venomous. ‘WET’ sounds even more like a horror movie thanks to the dramatic orchestral moments scattered throughout. This track is more intense, drilling relentlessly with its distorted, muddy drums and featuring a dogged, evil vocal performance that combines more diverse flow approaches with a colossal, jackhammer hook that drills its way into the listeners mind. Venom’s music is remarkably effective at creating a believably uncomfortable atmosphere, each word that leaves his mouth sounds like a genuine threat. I believe his name should be recognised with the greatest artists in the horrorcore genre, this is music that deserves the attention of fans of graphic, murky hip-hop.

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