An artist I’ve been fascinated with for a good minute, Bruja presents dark, atonal rap music with an extreme edge, I’d strongly recommend anyone interested in hip-hop inspired by darker, heavier genres to give his music a shot.

1. Firstly, I’m interested in who inspired you to rap the way you do? Your vocals are sometimes screamed, always distorted and evil-sounding, and more often than not a little terrifying.

Ugh I’ve always been inspired by metal music and apocalyptic imagery. I just like aggressive music lol when I was younger I heard slayer on a radio station and raining blood blew my mind so I had to find more and crazier shit. That’s what made me wanna start screaming once I got older.

2. You seem to be into a wider variety of music than most people I interview. Can you tell me what other genres you enjoy and influence you to create? I know you’re into some ‘extreme’ stuff.

I fw a lot of music genres there are so many more things I wanna do musically but just lack the tech and engineering. I wanted to be in bands before I rapped tbh. But def listen to hella death metal, hardcore and rap and a lot of riddim and edm. But my girlfriend listens to a lot of indie and alt so I hear that v often also, kinda what makes me more inspired to sing and incorporate more melodies in what I say. But my top 5 artist rn are: Xasthur, Bladee, Uzi, Druid Lord, and Young Thug.

3. You have a huge discography, dating back to 2016’s TwitterBeefVorhees. Has the way you make music changed since you dropped that tape?

And TwitterBeef Vorhees not my tape that’s TwitterBeef Timmy’s I just uploaded it lol, we used to make hella music it was organic af same with Whaodie, I used to make shit like every day but I think some stuff was getting repetitive and mixing be kinda annoying and life shit lol so I haven’t been creating a lot but ive got some stuff vaulted.

4. You seem to be fond of rapping over BMB beats, you’ve tackled Loko Los and ScrewManeFlame production on EP’s in the past. However, you’ve also worked with Lil Trvsh, KRXXK, SOLVRFLVRE & Penta Omega in recent times. Do any of these producers rank on your favourites to work with?

Yeah shout out BMB they make very rare beats. My favorite 5 producers help create the Bruja’s sound was Krxxk, SOLVRFLVRE, $crewmaneFlame, PentAOmegA, and MakkMillion all my shit by them my favorite tracks. But thank you too RIPLungs and Trvsh I love working on their production also

5. That Loathing The Void EP was my first exposure to you, but it doesn’t sound like much else you’ve made lately. Will we hear anymore of that more intense, screamed music?

But honestly right now I don’t really wanna rap I wanna do a lot more unclean vocals and some singing maybe? Rap is cool but I can talk about more shit not on 808 laden beats lol. So all my next releases will be all screaming and also not under Lih Bruja. I’ll probably do a split ep with the last of my Bruja tracks and some tracks under my new alias.

Listen to Bruja on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Lihbruja.

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