Just as the winter months are fading, SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB’s SINISTERSCHUYLER and BMB’s IAMPISSED have reminded us why they can be some of the best for appreciating music. In line with the images he paints in the chorus of ‘BLIZZARD’, Schuyler’s sound on this EP has never been more evil. Cold hearted and ruthless, the song is a bitter, frosty piece that maintains dark atmosphere Pissed always conveys in his beats. As Schuyler murmurs ‘I’m the new age Mr. Freeze’, he couldn’t sound any more like an actual supervillain and as he claims to be ‘reciting spells just like a wizard’, images of a Skyrim-esque conjurer of the dead immediately spring forth.

‘BLIZZARD’ is such an excellent introduction to this EP that the rapper actually struggles to top it. But, just as he maintained a consistently harrowing delivery on last month’s Simply Southern Gawth, on DEAD OF WINTER he is a faultlessly intense performer. ‘YEEN TUFF’ pulls back the reins beat-wise and opens the field up for faster flows and more aggressive lyrics. I think better than almost anything else, Schuyler is incredibly good at creating imagery with his music. The rumbling, stabbing production on ‘YEEN TUFF’ becomes even more deadly when you factor in the threatening tone, granite-like flow and masterful songwriting ability (I challenge you to find a stronger hook written in this style).

I have to praise the beat selection some more because Pissed really went all out on these. ‘NO WANNABE’ is the clear highlight in this sense, featuring cripplingly powerful bass and an almost ambient backdrop, mixed to perfection by fellow SGM member Lil Disceased. These guys clearly worked in perfect harmony on this project because its by far the most massive-sounding of the group’s releases to date, in my eyes. Disceased’s ability to mix vocals to the forefront when appropriate and to allow them to segue into the icier beats when not is crucial to this project’s success, and the results are best seen on closer ‘FROST’. In my eyes this is the projects pinnacle, the mix is by far the cleanest with crushing, monolithic drums and terrifying, mechanical synths hanging in the back like spirits from another dimension. This is not only an improvement over anything the rapper has made in the past, but a landmark release for the genre and some of the best rapping over Pissed’s beats you’re likely to hear this year.

Stream the EP in full right here.

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