My first interview with Palm Beach rapper Herme$ was one of my favourites, and in the time since then and this second instalment he’s expanded his ever growing discog massively, become part of the BMB collective alongside countless other talented rapper and producers, and generally proved that he’s one of the hardest working artists out of Florida. He’s got a lot more work coming soon, so you best keep an eye out for that!

1. First of all, it’s great to be doing a second interview with you man, the first one was a classic and one of my best so I got some good shit for you here. How’ve you been?

1st things 1st lemme thank u for always showing love to me and all my homies who make music not just xl i know everyone appreciates it heavy. also im happy u fw some artists i put u onto lets me know i got good taste 😂 but yeah mane since then i been all over the place tbh alotta ups and downs only thing thats been constantly going up is the music so im tryna just focus on that and getting money more then anything else

2. When we last spoke, you weren’t a member of BMB/V$OP. How did that happen, and has being more closely associated with those guys changed things for you as an artist?

i linked with rxmbo thru pies and after that me and rxmbo started working at the same time i was working wit screwmaneflame on the new tape (luna de sangre 1) they was all fw the tape and shit so i feel like my music and my loyalty to the underground got me in the group yfm. yeah definitely shit has changed all in a good way it all comes wit da territory. im used to the game bruh shit don’t phase me like people clout chasing with me or now fw only based off affiliations but its cool mane i worked for this shit like i said. i can manage with all the fu shit and real shit cuz its all apart of the game i just gotta keep looking forward at all times burning bridges or being too cocky with less popular artists are shit that gone fuck u over in the long run

3. Your LUNA DE SANGRE projects get crazy attention and you always pick out great beats for them. The first was mostly Screwmane beats, and the second volume had plenty of work with Sayda. Who do you think you have the most chemistry with out of the producers on those tapes?

yeah the beat selection for luna de sangre important cuz bmb the best underground producers in the world i wanna highlight that shit the best i can yfm. i like the 2nd one way more its way better to me overall. dk what it is tho mane like i just be making music when i get on they beats ion even try super hard it justs me creating yfm. im sure listening to music like that for like 10 years now plays a role

4. Your HERME$ DREAM WORLD album was a really ambitious project and had a very diverse array of sounds. It seems like you put a whole lot of work into that, would you say you were satisfied with the reception?

herme$ dream world like my 1st masterpiece to me the reception it got was fire and i was just experimenting with that wavey sound in every way possible. when i created it my idea was a escape within the world i live in i always let my life play a huge role in the lyrics but that was my most honest tape. i was going thru alot at the time too so that shit just helped me get thru it that’s why i took my time wit it. lemme ask u tho bruh why do u like that shit the most i always wanted to know 😂 yeah mane 2.5 hella slept on in my opinion i did kinda rush it tho so it makes sense why the reception wasn’t as good

5. HERME$ 2 remains one of my favourite tapes of yours, it’s got such a great sound and you and Stevie Durag always make classics. You recently dropped 2.5 on BOLT, so will we see the third volume soon?

me and stevie been curating herme$ 3 together since the beginning of the year. the concept for it is just a compilation of sounds we gone have the best producers on it 2 mane im excited. imma drop it after i drop these 2 eps

6. You have a couple of projects where you work with a single producer, like WAVEY ASS JIT with VNUS808 and DXSXRT STORM with GYPTXVN, will we hear any more of those?

soulja prayer all produced by og rari so thats one and idk mane it just depends on who send me beats 😂 and like if i fw all of em enough to make a whole tape wit em. producers really determine my direction in a way i work off what beats im getting type shit

7. You have two new projects on the way soon, can you describe those for me in more detail?

soulja prayer just undaground music its gone be short prolly 4 songs just me making shit i love yfm. neva change all r&b sampled beats and shit its all kinda love songs too. i feel like people love that sound but just haven’t heard it yet i hope it takes me up a notch once i drop it

8. You let me host a couple of your songs recently, which I’m very grateful for. Would you say there are genuine benefits behind DJ’s/blog pages hosting your music?

posting shit is good if u wanna get on platform that alot of people look at yfm other then u i really don’t wanna let platforms post my music rn cuz i monetize everything i post i need allat 😂

9. Your ‘Florida Boys 2’ video is due to drop soon, have you got any other visuals on the way?

yeah the video just dropped so im happy bout dat im tryna focus on visuals more this year. im dropping all deez songs and no visuals im sleep. i got a good vision for visuals i can always come up with some fire shit

10. What else have you got coming up? Any shows people should head out to?

always dropping new music mane and u gone see us (@xlcartel & @BMBDeathRow) at sxsw this year and more to come mane we tryna take over frfr so we gone do whatever possible to come up the right way

11. Thanks a lot for this one mate, great to catch up. Anything else you want to add?

you’re bruh honestly i just wanna say one love to everybody who reads this interview thank u for everything i appreciate all the support and blessings i’ve gotten not everybody gets these opportunities im always tryna make the best of em

Listen to Herme$ on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @561Hermes.

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