My latest interview is with XL Cartel member Peso, he’s been on my radar for almost a year now. Every song he drops is incredibly dope, and I’m hyped for his next project.

1. Firstly, I wanted to say that we should have done this a lot sooner, I’ve been clued into your music since you dropped FOCU5 last year. How was the creation of that project different to your other works, if at all?

It’s all good mane, I’m glad we get to finally link and talk music. Recording FOCU5 was different from my other projects, because I didn’t just put any instrumental that someone sent to me on there. I tried to make It flow in a way that you could play it straight through on a long drive and not be bored, but also not going crazy the whole time. I used to drive 6hours from Florida State to come home and visit my fam/bros, which I definitely think inspired the making of the tape. I just tried to give it a good balance between wavy lyrical story telling and Just me talking shit.

2. How did you become an XL Cartel member, and what is the group planning next as a collective? I know you got some shows coming up.

Frfr I would credit me being a member of the XL Cartel to “WAVXLORD” which is Herme$’ Lil bro. When I first moved to the hood I used to be that one Jit at the skatepark freestyling and shit. When ‘WAVXLORD’ found out I was actually tryna take this music shit serious he was like “you should talk to my brother”. A couple of days later I was at the park cruising and shit when he came up to me with a lil flip phone like “aye my bro wanna talk to you”. I picked up the phone and me and this fool Herme$ was freestyling to each other on some super random shit. We still laugh about that shit frfr. Herme$ was up in Philly at the time but when he came back, he took me to the studio. I met Big J a few days later and that was really the start of the whole thing. XL CARTEL.

The next big thing we are doing as a collective is Death by SouthWest @ SXSW in Austin, TX. I’m curating the event, but the whole group is bringing it all together. We got Chxpo headlining alongside other heavy hitters such as BMB and Dretti Franks and Dom (For the Slab). We even got some FLA brands vending (NRS Gallery and PRSNLTY) w/ live art by MORELESS CASTRO. Just know this is is going to be the best underground show at SXSW 2019. If you are in the Austin, TX area make sure you come out to scratch house on March 9th and check us out

3. That ‘SWITCHIN SCRIPTS’ with IDONTKNOWJEFFREY is insane, that happened after the show you guys did together right?

I appreciate the listen mane, but yea the story behind that is even more insane. We did a show w him In lakeworth @ BambooRoom. Idk what made me ask him but when I dapped em up I was like “we tryna handle some business while you here, wassup with the feature?” Teek Da $neak was really the only person who wanted to do the feature w me so the next day, we drove to Jeffrey hotel room with all the recording equipment and banged it out. He was hella easy to work with and we was able to talk to him about how the industry works from an artist perspective.

4. Who are your favourite producers to work alongside? You got stuff with Pie$, Ruci and many others, but who do you think is the best fit for your style?

My favorite producers to work with right now gotta be ParkerJazz, Ruci, and FreeDiesel. I’m into a lot of futuristic sounding shit right now and I feel like them boys are ahead of their time in that aspect. I don’t know if there is a such thing as “best fit” for my style so to say, when it comes to production. Mostly due to the fact that not every project I put together or track I record has the same sound. They can be similar in bpm or concept but I feel like my style is constantly evolving. Which is why I like to work with producers who have a progressive sound.

5. Your latest track ‘Life’s A Simulation’ is set to appear on an upcoming project, can you tell us about that?

I released that track as a single off of my upcoming project ‘Simulation561’. All I can really say about the project so far, is that it will be my most cohesive piece of work so far. The production is super futuristic, but still has a classic vibe to it. I don’t have a release date set as of now, but I’m excited to finish it up and get it out to the public. For now, check out the single and try to envision where the tape will go.

6. Do you have any other singles or visuals coming out soon? Anything we should we looking out for really.

I might drop another single off my next tape soon but for now…

You can stream ‘Surf’s Up’ music video via PVRPLXLXVN (YouTube)

And you can also catch the whole XL Gang going crazy in the new ‘FLA BOYZ PT2’ video also via PVRPLXLXVN (YouTube)

7. Would you say there’s anyone that influences your rapping?

The artists I’d say I’m most influenced by as of lately would have to be TDE, Gunna, Black Kray, Anderson Paak, Thunder Cat, UZI, and Lancey Foux (IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER). There’s probably a few more but these are the main ones rn.

8. I know there’s a lot of rap history in FL and it’s cool that you guys rep it so hard. What do you think Florida and Palm Beach in particular offers the hip hop game right now?.

Florida as a whole been going hella hard lately and I feel like people are starting to notice because we keep it real. We got a no toleration for faking the Phonk in Palm Beach so one thing I can say we have to offer the hip hop game rn is authenticity. People like stories of struggle without having to actually live through it so I think that’s what a lot of FL artists are doing rn. Just trying to shed light on some of the obstacles we gotta move through down here.

9. Glad I finally sent you some stuff mate, this has been cool. Anything else you want to add to finish?

Hell yea bruh I appreciate you showing interest in my music and taking the time out to interview me. This Shit was hella cool. Stay up. 1Love.

Listen to Peso on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @XLPESO.

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