Russian producer SnowIcy is an impressive talent whose ability to craft dark, phonk-influenced music is just as strong as his penchant for turning r&b melodies into something even more hauntingly beautiful. Like other Russian producers influenced by the sound of the American underground, he is on the road towards becoming a prolific name and I hope more artists get in tune with his sound.

1. Who/what inspired you to become a producer?

My life is music. I can’t live without it for a day. Raider Klan and BLACK MONEY BOYZ had a great influence on me.

2. Can you name some of the first underground rappers that you produced for?

Yes, I did work for BXXZY P / ICXXY and many other Russian performers, for example Gwari and LIDOLOWKEY

3. Who would you like to work with that you haven’t been able to yet?

I would like to work with producers from BLACK MONEY BOYZ (LOKO LOS / EVIL HAZE / SCREWMANEFLAME). I also did my work for all who like them.

4. You and ICXXY dropped a really dope EP that I think a lot of people slept on. Do you two have more music on the way?

Yes, working with ICXXY brought me more people in America. Also, Russian fans were pleased with this work. Yes in my tape there is also a track with ICXXY. I think we will have more work soon.

5. The song that you sent me for my last tape was absolutely beautiful, do you enjoy making dark r&b sounds as much as trap/phonk beats?

Damn, I really love r & b and the dark trap. After a while, my bro LIDOLOWKEY and I will release a record with dark r & b. I think she will be in the middle of July.

6. How did your interest in the genre begin? Does Russia have a similar scene?

I started making a dark trap because I like it. I feel new emotions, this is real music do not consider classical. Yes, in Russia there is a similar scene SHG (SUGAR HILLZ GARDENS) and GHS (GOLDENHOTSPOONS). I love them and I am glad that we are developing together in Russia

7. You and Jewish Reaper are really representing your country right now and I know you’ve worked on some collabs, will you ever be able to produce together in person?

Yes shout out Jewish reaper we are preparing a joint record which will be released this month. Jewish Reaper will also be a frequent guest on my new album WISHMASTER. shout out Jewish Reaper and SUGAR HILLZ GARDENS

8. Your WINTER TAPE of beats was really dope, especially the stuff with GYPTXVN. Are you working alongside any other producers right now?

Yes brother, damn, we discussed it with GYPTXVN yesterday. It will also be on WISHMASTER TAPE. We will also do a lot of work. shout out GYPTXVN i love your Melody

9. Where did you come up with the name SnowIcy?

I listened to SPACEGHOSTPURRP and looked at the moon. It was winter time, we walked with my old friend for a beer. I thought that this name looks like a terrible cold

10. Thanks for doing this interview bro, anything else you want to add?

Thank you! I am glad that we are establishing contact between our countries, I appreciate it. I throw all my friends a huge shout out. #SNOWICY #GHS #SHG #BMB #DARKTRAP

Listen to SnowIcy on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @SnowIcy3.

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