TERRORWORLD producer SOLVRFLVRE is one of the underground’s most underrated (and dare I say under-appreciated?) names. His beats perfectly capture the darkness that the true underground is imbued with to it very core, so its no surprise legends like SGP have chosen to rap on them. I wanted to interview him not only because of his extensive list of high-quality production, but because he’s just got a new PC and I know he’s gonna be churning out that fire like never before.

1. How long have you been making music for? Your discography on Soundcloud doesn’t go back very far, but I’d guess you’ve been at it a lot longer than a year.

Its been like ten years,but its all part of a prolonged learning process.I always felt the need to express myself in a creative way even when I felt like I wasn’t talented enough.I did vocals for a deathcore band when I was 16 and it was an overall good experience,but having to work with other individuals and depending on them may be stressing.Thats why I love making dark music by myself (its been that way since 2016).

2. Your instrumental tapes are really dope, the one you dropped three months ago had some really experimental shit on it. Will we see another of those soon?

Totally,it mostly depends on how consistent I can be but I have the feeling that you wont have to wait that much. And thank you for the good feedback I worked really hard for it to be a unique experience since most of my instrumentals follow a similar pattern of sounds and emotions.

3. How did the SGP track happen? That EP had a bunch of great production on and it was dope to see you and Stevie Durag on there, nobody deserved those placements more than you guys.

I sent him a couple of my best beats when I finally felt ready for it,SGP is a mysterious and unpredictable human being so you never know his next move.I woke up the next day and saw the bal harbour project online so I gave it a listen,then the last track sounded particularly familiar to me until I experienced the surreal comprehension of interacting with a legend in a creative way.I worked incredibly hard for it.

4. Of the songs you’ve produced, which would you say you’re most proud of? ‘DEAD’ by Schuyler and ‘Leviathan’ by Bruja X LZA are two of my favourites.

Hard hitting question,like asking a mom which one of her kids would she rather save from a fire.But I think ima go with dope addict freestyle by Kirbogangsoulja because I made the instrumental almost 2 years ago,I see it as another lesson of perseverance.

5. Tell me about TERRORWORLDRECORD$, who else is in that group?

We are a group/record label/family and our only goal is to make hard ass music for the whole world to enjoy. For now the 2k19 line up is: Jha Stacks,Sam Murray,TXLLIEBXI,Yung Skrt,BigPete,Young plvg,SplishSplash,TB Timmy,Lih Bruja,Trenchboi Kese,Ace,BabyGucci,Cain and of course SOLVRFLVRE. The group was created by Jha in 2k16,we been quite under the radar but believe me that is going to change soon.

6. How did you choose your name? I’m guessing the ‘V’’s are Raider Klan inspired?

I think of my music as the emission of energy with a potentially disruptive force which can inspire events in the large scale of things,its weird but I like to compare it to how solar flares behave.And of course,every aspect of SOLVRFLVRE is heavily influenced/inspired by Spaceghostpurrp’s legacy.Apart from my fascination with DEATH and Gantz.

7. Do you have any upcoming music that people should be looking out for? I know you took a break for a while but now you got a new computer i’m very excited to hear what you cook up.

I’m currently working on my next instrumental tape and it’s gonna be crazy.I’m equally excited because this music thing is what keeps me going,it gave me a purpose in life.

8. Who else is making quality music in the unda right now? I know you’re close with various BMB/SGM members but I’d like to know who you think is going to dominate the rest of 2019.

The underground scene is so diverse now and I got a lot of love for a lot of people so it’s kind of hard to tell.

My favorites are: Lza,Sinisterschuyler,HERNVNDEZ(huge shoutout to him he designed my logo),Kvniz,Jha,FreddyThree,Icxxy,Kap,Lih Bruja the list goes on….

And as far as producers: Hi-c,Krxxk,Evil Haze,Loko Los,Lil Trvsh,PentaOmega,Iampissed and DvnieGvrcia.

Also shoutout to Siniestros and Shadow squad,viva México!.

9. Thanks for this interview bro, I’ve been a fan for a minute so it’s always good to connect. Anything else you’d like to add?

Im the one that should be thanking you for this opportunity,I think it’s been a minute since I’ve been here and I’m pretty sure that most people dont know shit about me.Also thanks to all the people that supports me directly or indirectly,you are all essentially important when it comes to my existence.

Even though life is a horrible experience we all gotta learn how to make sense out of it and laugh with reason,we wont be around forever because DEATH IS IMMINENT

Follow SOLVRFLVRE on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @SOLVRFLVRE.


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