‘Fake Love’ is a common theme in hip-hop, especially in an age where genuine support is hard to distinguish from the fickleness of the mainstream market. Jordan Taylor has a solid discography that includes autotune-aided exuberance and soul-gazing emo, but his latest offering is something else entirely. Utilising the dark melodicism of Xtravulous’ production, he is able to apply his existing talent for an impressive hook (one that would undoubtedly be a bona-fide smash with greater exposure) toward making his greatest song to date.

As a songwriter, Taylor has this shit on lock. His delivery is razor sharp, cutting a definitive shape into the song with his immaculately mixed vocals. His phrasing and breath control are as competent as any big name chart rapper right now, and his marriage of a quieter, buried bridge with a more explosive second verse shows that he’s committed to making high quality, addictive pop-trap with a less materialistic slant. Of course there’s brags here, but they’re totally justified in the context of such a dismissive dedication to those that doubted him. No doubt, we will see Taylor continue to create music that finds an ideal middle ground between glamorous braggadocio and introspection in the near future.

Listen to the single on Soundcloud right here.

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