A poet, rapper and songwriter, Real Chrispy has just released the video for his track ‘Fixated’, a smash that appeared on my first compilation tape.

1. How long have you been a poet/songwriter? Your skills are evident in the stuff you release, so I’d guess they come from years of experience.

I’ve been writing songs, poetry & even little jingles since I was a kid, like 5th grade. I use to make parodies to popular songs with my homie E all the time & still do. We would rap to youtube instrumentals for hrs on. Shoutout to E! 🤘🏿

2. ‘Fixated’ is a dope track and I thank you for letting me host it. Will we hear new music from you soon?

Thanks, man. It means alot but thank you for the opportunity. You’re really venturing out and putting us up-comers on a platform. Thats nice, realnice 😎 & Indeed you will hear new music from me soon, realsoon 🙏🏿

3. Do you think poetry is a lost art and if so how can interest in it be reignited?

I don’t think its a lost art, Its just not as glorified as rap is. Which is crazy cause rap is poetry. I just think its not appreciated as much thats all.

4. Who inspires you to create? Could be artists, writers or important figures.

My true inspiration that really got me into rapping and writing was my older brother, Warren. When we were younger, him and his group of friends had a rap group named Talk Money Ent. and I use to listen to their songs and all. They were so good and it was known fact that my brother was the top lyricist of the group. He would make hooks and verses like it was second nature. He would freestyle effortlessly & I looked up to that. My brother is a big Jay-Z fan and he introduced to me to him. I instantly fell in love with Jay’s rap game. His poetic style, vernacular, storytelling, the whole nine. I wanna say Jay inspired me as well.

5. Why ‘Real Chrispy’? I’m interested in where that came from.

Funny, there’s a couple aspects of how I came up with the name. First, in middle school, this hispanic girl used to call me “Cocoa Crispies” in her sexy accent and all. I’m guessing due to that fact my skin was brown/black and smooth, I don’t know but I just know it sounded right coming out her mouth and it stuck in my head 😂 Then when high school came around and Twitter became the hot, I needed a cool username so pondered and reminisced on the hispanic shorty calling me “Cocoa Crispies”. Mashed the word Crispy with my name, Chris & the rest is history. Name became a whole pun and classmates around the school started calling me that. Chrispy to me meant clean, cool, nice, fly, smooth, etc. I can go all day, ya know? So I stuck with it.

6. What interests do you have other than writing and recording?

My other interest are modeling, fashion and marketing. Modeling really got me started on putting myself out there. I’m in school for Public Relations & Marketing right now. Its pretty cool, I can see myself becoming a marketing monster 😈

7. Who do you think are the most important artists and poets of our time?

Shit, from all time? People that spoke to me the most.

– Jay-Z
– Kendrick Lamar
– Biggie Smalls
– Wale
– 50
– Pac
– Common
– Ye
– Outkast
– Slick Rick
– NxWorries
– Mick Jenkins, I really wasn’t a fan of his but I recently got put on & like his stuff
– Verb, he’s an spoken word artist I met @ an open mic. He’s dope, love his energy. His IG: Verbwx
– Smino
– Joey Bada$$ when he was freshmen in the rap game.
– Busta Rhymes, love his style and energy
– Lil’ Wayne
– Whole TDE campaign (Isaiah, Soul, Q, Sir, Rock)

… list goes on but these are the people that popped in my head first.

8. Finally, are there any shoutouts you’d like to give?


GOD! … excuse my language.
My Mother, MA EARTH, Marleine!
My father and steppops!
My homie E! & his whole family!
My brother Warren!
My homie Quan “Duck” Parker!
My oldest brother Kenny!
My whole Haitian Family!
Clara, Sophie, Yves aka DJ Millie!, BB!
My Aunties!
My homegirl Cheyenne!
Everyone that supports me! I love y’all.

Follow the artist on Twitter at @_RealCHRISPY.

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