Florida’s Aegis Young is another vital member of the state’s blooming rap scene. We chopped it up about his career so far, his live shows and his intentions for the future.

1. When did you first begin rapping? Your first project on Soundcloud is from 2014 but does your career date further back?

I first started rapping when I was 13 or 14, I used to record songs on my laptop under the monikers Jupiterian, Methodikal, Kid Slash, etc. just tryna find my sound and flow, shit took years honestly but when it finally came together I saw the results of years of hard work.

2. The dialer EP was a pretty experimental project, the production choices you made were interesting and must have sounded particularly fresh when they dropped 5 years ago. What would you say the main change has been between the music you used to make and what you create now?

the main things I’d say that changed was one I’m no longer afraid to sound more blunt lyrically speaking. before I wanted the sounds, delivery an lyrics to all tie together to sound extremely well thought out an elusive. I later found that the mystery behind bars is one most hip hop lovers already figured out, an we gotta find a new way to wow the kids. but don’t get me wrong though, extremely lyrical rappers are vital to the community, but even they still try to bring a new overall feel and sound to music. that’s what happened to me since dialer.

3. Your last full release was THE LAST JETSON, which featured collaborations with a bunch of artists including Cloud Strife & 24KARAT. How do you know those guys and will see more collaborations between you?

I know Cloud Strife, 24KARAT and $M_M (Jordan) who I also worked very closely with on that project all from high school. since 9th grade they’ve all been there as brothers an constructive critics. there are collabs between us that haven’t been heard by the public, an more in the works. there’s been a lot that happened including my short time in jail that put a hold on things, an I won’t put out other’s business but we all went through a stint.

4. You frequently work with other South Florida artists like Herme$, who you made a whole tape with in Mount Olympus. How did that project come together?

I was choppin it up with Herm at a show once an showed him some beats I produced. we later linked at a studio (Respect The Vibe) an collaborated on a couple singles, an the whole time it felt effortless. very easy person to be friends with, get along with an create with. same with the rest of the group, but we’ll get into that later lol. anyway, after that we kept sharing beats an ideas about the theme of the tape. we agreed on Mount Olympus for the title because we both have Greek mythology based names, so it just kind of fit. an beside that we feel like Mount Olympus is the top of your game, everybody got there’s just get there.

5. Speaking of XL Cartel, you’re performing at Death By Southwest with them, BMB Deathrow and a bunch of others. Do you do a lot of live shows and do you think there’s a real benefit to them?

I do a lot of live shows, yes, and I’ve never had any negative affect from doing a live show. I always connect with great people, I always get amazing feed back, the energy from the crowds if you watch the videos on my IG is always electric, it’s truly an amazing feeling.

6. Your track ‘SOLO’ from my comp tape was dope as fuck, you and RΘCKΔ make fantastic music together. Is there any more material coming between you two?

Me an Rocka have made so many hits that we just got sittin in the cut. the man is a genius, if you notice from my discography I don’t frequently work with a lot of other producers. this man has an ear. we will make history.

7. What is your next project going to be? Will any of the singles you’ve dropped appear on it?

my next project is going to be in May, and I’ve got a collaboration EP coming out with Jack Shades, another close artist friend of mine, and no I’m gonna refrain from re-releasing songs it’s always been a pet peeve of mine.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to add? I hope people realise what a talented rapper/producer you are, fr.

something I’d like to add, shout out to everybody husting to get to their blissful goals, I wish everyone, and I mean EVERYONE the best of luck an I pray for all of you, because I know personally this career comes with a lot of judgement and backlash.

Listen to Aegis on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Aegis_Young.

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