Texas rapper JUiiCE has made a decent splash on my radar as of late, his music is fast paced, determined and most importantly comes from the soul. We talked about his inspirations, his favourite people to work with, and his plans for the future.

1. You recently dropped the #GlossStarTape, which was a nice collection of tracks. When will I see another project from you?

hell yeah, thank you so much for even reviewing the tape & giving it a chance! Much love for that, but honestly right now.. I’m not to sure, I do plan on releasing another independent tape or EP before the year is over, but I do have a collab EP/Tape coming out with FERRARA soon, which ever it turns out to be. I’m definitely workin lowkey tho, so I’m not stopping anytime soon lol

2. Do you have any favourite producers to work with? You and Kid Ocean always get shit popping.

mm.. there’s a lot of good producers out there so it’s hard to mention, but Kid ocean is def a top fav right now, I also like Nino Fresco & TrillMatic, their beats are something I been experiencing with lately, but I fw @ELFonTheBeatMG , bro sent me some crazy shit in the past, shout out to him! It’s always fun rapping over his beats! But don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of good producers I plan to work with in the future such as, ICXXY, Krxxk, SamMurrayProductions, Kenza, Screwmaneflame, n list goes on !

3. Why did you start rapping and who do you consider your primary influences?

damn, lol honestly.. I grew up in a small town in east Texas, called lufkin. Where not many people get to see their dreams come true or see bigger things.. u either go to jail or fail & growing up, there was a local rapper by the name BiggJake (RIP) then later another group called Fab5. who was making a buzz around town gaining attention from major Houston artist & radios. At the time I was probably only like, 12? But I ended becoming close to the manager & growing up my whole teenage life, bro always taught me the ropes while bringing me around the scene, such as interviews, video shoots, studio sessions, meetings, all that.. as years went by. I’ve always loved music & wanted to be a part of it. So I started out “Djing” chopping & screwing music, while being promoter for the label. I was seeing people chase their dreams & it inspired me a lot. & it really made me want to spread a message to the youth & be able to touch people the same way music touched me.. (I believe anybody can achieve any dream they think of as long as you truly want it and believe in yourself, never let anybody define you and your potential) I wasn’t really wanting to “rap” it was never really my thing.. lol. I started out tryna produce music but honestly making beats was too tough for me at the time and I never tried again. As a kid I was always freestyling with my cousin Li’Macc & childhood friends Draco, & JayJay1Hunnit (FreeHim!) So they really got me into the rapping side as well! We did it for fun & to speak what’s really going on. Like the people i looked up too. Such as (RIP) Dj screw & ScrewedUpClick, (RIP pimp C) UGK, 36Mafia, & Tupac

4. What is Reform Of Mind? Is it just an alias for you?

Reform Of Mind, is the name of my label I want to be recognized. (Hopefully someday I’ll be in position to sign other artist and stuff like that) It came about in like 2012 when I was first recording music with friends but really wasn’t taking too serious . The name itself tells all, because the whole purpose of my music is to make you think & realize, what’s what.. music is a real thing. Close to a visual movie in your head. If you can story tell & grasp attention. You can basically talk to somebody in the same position as you & possible help get them thru whatever situation they’re facing and that’s all I wanna do,Just inspire & motivate.

5. You have collabs with Ferrara and Liquid Snake, are there any other artists you want to work with?

yeah shout out to them! Them boys solid! But as far other artist I want to work with, I haven’t really put much thought behind it just yet. Solely only becuz I’m still working on myself. I’ve had a rare track with BMBbabygucci that’s lost, but I’d love to do another track with bro! Umm.. honestly I do wanna work with MajinBlxxdy & Winterkenshin, a couple people I can name off top. They go crazy! Maybe someday I’ll be able to work with favorites like chxpo & black smurf .

6. Although you’re from Texas I don’t really think you sound like it when you rap (no disrespect by that of course). Does the culture of your state impact your music at all?

lol, no worries umm. Texas culture will always be a part of me naturally in and out of music. But when I started doing music. I told myself I wanted to sound different, I didn’t wanna carry a sound you can just pin point. I tend to practice different styles of rapping tryna perfect my own flow & so far I feel like Im doing that well. I’m still learning & experiencing tho & one day I plan on making something strictly for Texas culture!

7. Should we be looking out for any new singles or visuals from you any time soon? You have a song on my upcoming tape that I can’t wait to put out.

honestly I’m actually thinking about making my first official video to that one track I sent you for the tape! I feel like that’s one of my best songs rn, I put a lot of energy behind it & a lot of real feeling into the song, so I feel like a visual for it would be crazy! As far as singles , I’m not too sure yet, I try not to rush music & let it come naturally .

8. Finally, are there any shoutouts you’d like to give?

shit, shoutout to my Momma for creating me lmao & to BMB/VSOP for the inspiration it’s been on me in the unda! I also wanna S/o Ferrara, BMBBabyGucci, AceMcCain, LqdSnake, ELFonTheBeat, and everyone else who follow me & Fwm genuinely! Them boys too real. sorry if I missed some people there’s so many names ; but anybody I interact with. I appreciate and am thankful for! It’s all love, and I want everyone to succeed just like I want myself. But last n not least. Shout out 2da bros who stand behind me every step of the way in this music shit. They know who they are & FREE THA GUYS behind that gate .

Listen to JUiiCE on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @JUiiCE_BOii.

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