As a producer, whose crosses boundaries that many can only hope to match. I’ve previously compared his beats to those of El-P, and I still believe that that’s a valid comparison. The song ‘Steve Martin’, from the interestingly titled EP i look like post malone, is a pulsating, quasi-industrial nightmare that fits his collaborator URSUS.’ bruising rapping style like a glove. In collaboration with the latter artist as the duo whoseURS., the producer has produced nine tracks worth of golden outsider rap. ‘serotonin’ is morose and emotionally conflicted, utilising vocal layering over sparse drums and slow, groaning reverb. ‘proud of you’ is equally raw, featuring the rapping talents of sameflannel for track that dabbles heavily in self reflection, the track’s arid landscape dotted with serene key flourishes.

Most impressive of all however is ‘Kingdom’, a song that aptly received a hazy, barely decipherable visual. whose’ choice to make this song primarily instrumental was smart as it allows the producers to present the song in a new light. The song’s dreamy aspects are enhanced as the second half of the song kicks in, floating above an incessant kick drum that transforms the song into a more immersive experience. The song’s closing moments rely on a woodwind instrument to create a tangibly mystical outro.

On the subject of songs receiving music videos, two weeks ago the visual for whosecamp (which I reviewed here) highlight ‘dial up’ was released on URSUS.’ channel. Based on the concept of the viewer watching various videos on a mock Youtube site, ‘dial up’’s visual representation features whose as well as all involved rappers (including all the aforementioned alongside tmwncup, Zech and Kapeesh) lip syncing to the track in various locations. An amusing take on videos that eschew group participation in favour of leaps between shots of individual artists, the video was very well done, an expectedly goofy take on the collective’s infectious take on classic posse cuts. whose is of course is the centre of all this, his colossal production bringing these artists together in perfect harmony.

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