An incredibly talented individual, YFM is a skilled rapper & musician who has roots in a number of musical scenes. We chopped it up about his influences, collaborators and future projects.

1. You and Pie$ seem tight and make great music together, how did you two become friends?

It’s crazy cuz like a whole ass year before we met I heard of a party n dm’d some people to get the addy turns out it’s his party. I didn’t even remember until we started sending each other memes n shit on Twitter. but yeee it wasn’t until Lord Lo got pie$ a job at our spot that we started workin together n shit I knew he was a solid dude when I first met him, I respect his work ethic, hustle n lifestyle.

2. ‘POUNDCAKE’ and ‘BLOW MY HIGH’ are great tracks by you guys and YNGNSTY. Will these songs be appearing on the Faded Pie$ collab project or do you have other material in mind?

So me and yngnsty actually have a tape comin out as well in the nearby future. FadedPies is jus me and pies over a collection of beats some made by me most by him and some heavy collaboration. Yngnsty Pie$ n I also got somethin up our sleeves too tho we jus been hanging out a lot Vibin and makin Art.

3. You were one of the first people I ever hosted music for, and I’d say that EP we did stands up pretty well. You worked with Rxmbo & Verde on there, are you working with either of them some more?

Rxmbo n Verde are both extremely talented people shit jus happens in life u kno but to cut to the chase I don’t see myself workin wit them in the immediate future. everyone’s different got different work ethics different lifestyles etc etc and I don’t necessarily align wit theirs. Who knows tho u feel me

4. Most of your discography is on Bandcamp, would you consider that to be a better platform than Soundcloud to distribute music?

I’m tryna stay rare honestly and soundcloud jus idk I never really fucked wit the Layout etc etc. I’ve been dropping shit on bandcamp since 2013 too so I’m jus pretty dedicated lmao. They opened up a bandcamp store in downtown Oakland too so I’m hella juiced about that n I jus respect they were one of the first to wanna put money in indie artists pockets

5. Tell me about War of Icaza, is that still an active band?

War of Icaza is inactive indefinitely. At least from my viewpoint. I love and respect all my bros in that band but to me personally, the way it was headed I didn’t really see myself in there for too long. The hypocrisy of a serious political band actively discrediting capitalism etc while have a commercialized side to it jus doesn’t seem right. It was ultimately the singer Jerry Nicarao (formerly of metro zu) that wanted a shift as well so there’s no bad blood. We all fam.

6. Who influences your style? I definitely hear some Purrp in there.

Wiz and Curren$y for right now majorly I’m tryna tap back in to my stoner life.

7. How long have you made music for and have you had the opportunity to perform any of it live?

I fuck wit a lot of the dark hip hop shit but mainly cuz I’m a metal head. 80s thrash mostly and not like any of these other rappers claiming they like the shit either like I really bled for that shit. I was in thrash bands and punk bands before I started takin rap a lil “serious”. My first real band was the delicates! We formed in like 2010 it was me and the former bass player for war of Icaza 2 piece straight LA punk. We still have a few demos up on bandcamp too. We were like one of the first punk bands, along wit like girlpusher playing shows wit like gbc , pmg and thraxxhouse back in like 2014/2015. We played wit show me the body the first time they were in LA. Dj Lucas the first time he came to LA. Ratking one of the few times they came too. And this was like I would say before the SoundCloud era really started hitting. So I been active for about almost a decade

8. Are there any shoutouts you want to give? I should have sent you some questions a long time ago honestly.

First shout outs to u my guy u really are capturing this moment in this subculture of music in the midst of one of the most craziest times for independent music journalism now that everyone has access to everyone’s day to day via all social media. Shouts outs to my living space ABCo and all my housemates. Big ups to Danny Glover gang y’all kno who u r! Pie$, Lord Lo, and yngnsty look out for them they all droppin solo tapes along wit all the collab tapes we got goin on. Shout out my bro Kwesi too he’s younger than me but dam he’s hella gifted n jus fuckin it up in LA hella tough I can’t even say “lil” bro lmao. And jus shoutout the whole underground in general they always stealing our swag our ideas out sounds but we do this for the culture whether we get the music check or not we all still grinding growing and learning. Last shout out Tabasko sweet n the cheap thrills team I don’t think yung faded mane would have even been a thing if not for them

Listen to YFM on Bandcamp. Follow him on Twitter at @YungFadedMane.

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