A grimy, funereal offering, ‘DOGFOOD’ is as caustic and raw as Oso 200’s music has ever been. There’s a foggy, sinister atmosphere to this song, the production akin to the mournful smolder of a raging bonfire. Oso’s rapping is aptly hoarse, his chanting the ideal delivery for the slow, swaying plod of mikzy’s instrumental.

The track’s title, the isolation of the lyrics and the choice of cover art surmise Oso’s latest approach to creating hip-hop is one of an outsider, seeking to make increasingly strange music that tackles depressive, obsessive themes. His repetition of the few refrains that appear here hammer each line into the listener’s head: ‘Let me go, go, go, I don’t know, know know.’ The song has a trance-like effect and due to its brief running time it’s immensely replayable.

Indeed, this song might just be Oso’s crowning achievement. It’s a natural progression from tracks like ‘sideways’, the bleakness and loneliness found in that track evolving into something borderline nightmarish. It’s not the peak of his vocal performance or even his finest songwriting, but it feels like the most natural piece of music he’s put together so far. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from the rapper in the future.

Listen to the single right here.

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