A rapper involved with two huge underground collectives, Jha Stack$ spits nothing but the realest shit in his collaborations with some of the hottest artists popping right now. We talked about his beginnings, his upcoming work and how he feels about his career to date.

1. How did you become a member of BMB/V$OP? Your associations with producers such as IAMPISSED, Evil Haze and Loko Los have led to some amazing music.

Loudpack Kap introduced me to sgp when I was in prison in 2015

2. I would consider NO WIFI IN DA TRAP your finest project to date, every track on there was hitting stupid hard. What would you say your favourite EP or tape is so far?

Da same .. nowifindatr$p is klassik and a true story based on no WiFi in da trap

3. When will NWITT2 drop? I been waiting on that for a minute, especially after you dropped ‘JUGG MODE’ and ‘KOUNTED US OUT’.

I feel like they not ready for no WiFi inda tr$p II so I will drop singles until I feel like they are prepared

4. You’ve recently worked heavily with Loudpack KAP, you guys put out multiple songs a week in some cases. I’d love to see a full length collab tape from the two of you, is that ever likely to happen?

We got a couple of projects boming soon we working on a ep right now as we speak along with da whole hiyaheights movement including Leggo Eggo 10.4 Chauncey and saykoo heights

5. You seemingly sound great over almost any beat, and you’ve worked with artists as diverse as Splish Splash and Grimm Doza on your recent drops. Do you have a certain styles that you gravitate towards when you hear these diverse production approaches?

I just be myself and create my own sound as da beat plays

6. When did you first start rapping? Have you always wanted to do so?

Middle school me and Loudpack kap and yeah it was my passion at one point I can be lyrical and freestyle if I want but I feel dat ain’t me I just swag on shit

7. Do you have a favourite song that you’ve made? One that defines your work the best, for example.

My favorite track is counted us out I felt every word come alive when I freestyled it I felt dat track came from da soul

8. TERROR WORLD RECORDS has a great lineup, will we ever see you guys release a project together?

in the near future as of now i really wanna surprise da people with dat just like nowifindatr$p ll I feel like Dey not ready for that

9. Will you ever return to the more melodic style that you were going for on your stuff with Lord Fox? It’s crazy to see how much has changed for you musically since then.

Back then with the project with lord fox tbh that is never how I wanted my music to come out I chose that style just fuckin around with fl studio 12 and that’s what happened it created bad habits

10. Do you have any specific goals for your music? It’s clear that you’re generating a movement and I’m very excited to see what’s next for you.

I don’t do dis shit for klout I make music when I’m going thru certain situations in my life but wherever it take me my gang boming with me the dead weight getting left on the scale

11. Finally bro, this is your chance to shoutout anyone you’d like and add anything else you wanna say!

S/o my nigga Kap for really pushing me when I ain’t see the light s/o sgp for actually giving me inspiration to put myself as I am on these beats s/o bmbdeathrow for rocking with me thru every situation s/o da whole hiyaheights movement my brotha Leggo Eggo 10.4 Chauncey saykoo and my set terrorworld we gone get a bag dis year dis our year blattt !

Listen to Jha on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @BagHuntaStacks.

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