Horror Posse rapper Koran just dropped one of the year’s hardest EP’s, his tough-as-granite raps supported by a cast of veteran producers. In this interview, we discussed his latest work, his influence and interests and how he came to join the horror-themed collective in the first place.

1. I feel like you’re a pretty underrated rapper, your flow is hard as hell and you can rap on pretty much anything. What do you think is the greatest song you’ve made so far?

I feel the same way that shit criminal, niggas stay sleeping on talent. My greatest track gotta be Kurama or Boss up, I like when I can put real life situations in songs that you can turn up to. Like when Danny Brown dropped ‘Die like a Rockstar’. Shit was too litt!

2. When did you join Horror Posse, and who are your favourite members to collaborate with?

I joined Horror Posse last year when a nigga only had like 2 songs out. I was bumping Durag beats for like 2 weeks and hit him up on Instagram. He hit me up like 2 weeks later and told me my song Buku was fye. After we talked for a while he asked me to join. But if I had to pick who I like working with more it’d be Yung chainsmoke. His beats are challenging to rap on and the dark sounds he use compliments my more aggressive lyrics

3. You collaborate frequently with Bloodline Genesis/Fifth Element. Do you enjoy working with him more than any other producers?

Hell yea!! Bloodline is easily one of my favorite, He’s the best producer in this shit next to Purrp. I feel like I make some of my best banger tracks on his beats. Look out for more heat this summer!!

4. Your Year Of Horror EP featured production from Stevie Durag, Fifth Element, Yung Chainsmoke and Loko Los. You bought a unique energy with your bars and lyrics, some of the stuff you were rapping about was dark as hell. Can you tell me anything about how it all came together?

The Year of Horror is a series I came up with, it’s an alternative to blkkknightmares. I needed something that didn’t sound so offensive to sensitive ass people. The production was picked after I rapped the whole project to my dog @Jiggymarauder. Once I did that I knew how I wanted my next release to sound. Most of the lyrics I wrote when I was in a dark place. I had took a huge loss in 2018 and was tryina learn how to cope with that. On this ep, I speak about my true fears and the horrors of my lifestyle. Then I try to mix Anime, Satanism and drug abuse themes in that. Those are my favorite things to rap about

5. Do you have any collaborations due for release? Your track with Majin Blxxdy produced by Loko is one of your best, I’d love to hear more collaborations with the BMB guys.

I don’t really like doing collabs, I feel like most rappers can’t match my energy or flow range. It’s not that they weak, they just don’t compliment my lyrics or style. I love the features that I’ve got so far and the track I did with the homie Young Corter but the only artist I wanna work with in the near future is Icxxy.

6. You’re from Detroit, are you influenced by the city at all?

I fucking love Detroit!!!! The whole city slept on, its so much talent in our hood. My biggest influences in the city for this decade are Icewear Vezzo and Rocaine. I always loved the energy of the city, shit the whole state. You can always feel the aggressiveness in any artist from Michigan, its what drives me!

7. Who inspired you to first start rapping?

Juelz Santana was my favorite when I was little. Him and Wayne were the best duo in rap in their prime. But to be honest the only people that actually influenced me to rap were The Misfits, Purrp and Black Sabbath. That’s what helped me craft the style I have. Me and Chainsmoke talked about making more metal and punk styled rap music, hopefully we can find the time.

8. Is there anything else you want to add?

Year of Horror 2 (1000 year) coming this summer. S/O to Stevie Durag, he was the first one that reached out to a nigga. S/O to everyone that listens to my music. I appreciate y’all 💯 follow me on IG N TWITTER: @BLAKKKORAN SC: Koran-Rager

Welcome to ya FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!!!

Listen to Koran on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @BlaKKKoran.

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