A man of many talents, Havik Motion is a triple threat of the most lethal variety. His rapping is sharp and his lyrics cut deep, his production is nostalgic and operatically-influenced and his songwriting is consistently inventive. The song that its most vital to discuss is ‘SHEESH_’, a song, a brief, snappy piece of music. As crushing bass clashes with a ghostly wail, Havik utters snarling dismissal: ‘We ain’t friends, we ain’t cool, hop right off my dick. You a tool, you a loser, you the last pick’. Rapping over his own thumping beats, the artist’s confidence is seemingly boundless.

A more recent track, ‘fuck a melody freestyle’ with Acid Souljah, is an equally impressive track. Expanding on the aforementioned production template, this minimal banger relies as much on the two artist’s rapping skill as on the textured menace of the booming beat. An even greater focus on production is found on ‘mybacchurt’, the reverberated melody one of his most organic-sounding creations. ‘HAPPY INTERLUDE’ is a synth nightmare, a slithering sci-fi colossus sporting Havik’s grisliest vocal performance.

However, it is worth nothing that Havik’s artistry is no less concentrated when he tackles beats that aren’t his own. ‘FVCKME’ is a hulking beast of a song, the rapper’s flows faster and more venomous than ever before. ‘BeatSatRight’ is a lighter track with some of his most insightful lyrical takes. ‘Fuck the music, fuck the fame, I don’t wanna feel it, I don’t want the pain’. One of his more depressing takes, the song follows the same path as one of the greatest tracks he’s put together.

That song is ‘ImNotWhoYouThinkIam’, a soul-gaze into a self-proclaimed very difficult time in the artist’s life. I was told that this song was difficult to write, and you can definitely hear the pain in his words as he delivers two high quality verses dripping with fear, despair and regret. It’s definitely his most accomplished song lyrically, and an essential listen for anyone seeking to understand his dedication to music and his mindset as a person.

If Havik’s discography tells us anything, its that he’s an endlessly talented artist with the ability to create anything he sets his mind to. His content is not only consistent but has a lot of heart poured into it, and I’m eager to find out what he has in store next.

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