3:AM rapper/producer Lit Hamilton aka Young Litty has been a favourite artist of mine for almost a year now, his work throughout 2018 making him stand out firmly in a busy, diverse scene. He’s a unique talent in terms of his consistency, work ethic and down to earth nature, and it was a pleasure doing this with him.

1. How long have you known Fuego and Fried? You guys make a great team and I’m eager to hear another 3:AM project.

I’ve known Fried for about 5 years we met at college. When I got up there he was on the same type time with the music and I fucked with his energy. We both dropped out after a year and just stuck with the music. I met Fuego like over a year ago. We both opened up for Key! not too long ago. It’s crazy cuz I heard of him before we even met and I fucked with his music. He came to the studio once and ever since then we’ve been making hits.

2. Many of your best tracks are collaborations with Fuego, ‘NO LOVE’, ‘BEN SIMMONS’ & ‘COLD NIGHTS’ for example. What do you think is the secret of your chemistry?

Ever since I met Fuego I’ve been expanding musically. I think we are just alike when it comes to this shit. Whenever we hit the stu we know it’s time to put in work. The key to chemistry in music is how comfortable you are expressing your ideas.

3. You dropped your debut project Get Home Safe last year, which I thought was thoroughly dope. Were you happy with how that project came out?

Get Home Safe is one of my favorite projects. There was a lot of negative shit happening around me at the time so I felt like it needed to be released when it did. I’m definitely happy with how it came out because it was real. My favorite song on there is “Love Me When Im Dead”

4. My favourite song on the EP is ‘Demons Onna Hunt’, produced by Ruci. I know he not only produces but also mixes for you a fair bit, how did you two first link up?

Ruci been the bro for a while now. I met him through Fried a couple years ago. He prolly one of the most solid niggas in this shit. He always looked out since day one. I remember when I first heard the beat for “Demons onna hunt” I was chillin in the crib, before I could even finish listening to the beat I was already in the car on the way to the stu.

5. I’ve hosted two songs for you so far, both are great tracks. ‘ALL ON ME’ is self-produced, is that something you’ve been doing for your whole career?

One of the first beats I ever made was “Long Way Home” on the “Get Home Safe” E.P. I started making beats last year but I always wanted to know how to make beats since I started rapping. I like rapping on my beats because I can paint a whole picture from scratch ya know. I think I’m only getting better.

6. 3AM IN TRILLFIELD was really strong and remains underrated, will you guys drop another project similar to that this year?

3AM IN TRILLFIELD is my favorite project I’ve ever been apart of because the whole process was raw. Everyone carried their weight and all the beats were crazy. We definitely got some new shit comin out soon so be on the look out for that and we got a bunch of solo shit too so get ready.

7. In your opinion what is the best song you have ever made? ‘FRENEMIES’ might be my top pick.

Aye shout out my nigga Pies ‘FRENEMIES’ go crazy he snapped on that beat. My favorite song prolly gotta be ‘FRENEMIES’ cuz all that shit was in the moment. I recorded myself and freestyled most of it. Everything about the song felt right. Niggas was schemin heavy at the time so it was only right to let niggas know where I stood.

8. What’s the current rap scene like in Philly? I know you guys do some shows so that’s cool to see.

The rap scene in Philly is crazy it be hella shows every weekend. We got some serious talent in the city including Dj’s, Photographers and rappers. If we stick together we really could be the next to blow. Fuego threw one of the craziest shows in Philly last August and most of the city showed love.

9. Are there any artists you’d like to work with one day that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

Yeah I’d definitely like to work with Quadie Diesel, Cowboy Killer, Black Kray, ShawnWeTrust, Linduh and the whole Ox Gang. They all fye.

10. Finally bro, are there any shoutouts you’d like to give? I should have sent you these questions a long ass time ago LMAO.

Aye shoutout 3AM, Fried, Fuegdini, Ruci, Pies, Pistol P, H Eighty Eight, Addy Dvddy Beats, R1, Linduh and Da shooter

…Oh and shoutout SugarHouse

Listen to Litty on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @1Littyracks.

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