R1 rapper and one of the underground’s most distinctive acts, Cowboy is an elite-tier artist whose sizeable discography and incredible live presence have added up to a jaw-droppingly fantastic career so far. We chopped it up about his career up to this point, his upcoming material as well as those that inspire him to go even harder.

1. Why and when did you choose the name Cowboy Killerr? It’s definitely one of the most distinctive names in the underground.

I ain’t choose my name, it chose me..and I would say it happened back in my senior year in 2015.

2. We’ve all seen people copying the western wave, how do you honestly feel about that?

I don’t really give a fuck honestly, that shit wack and the real know wassup..my style way too unique, and myself as a person to even be compared to the “western wave”.

3. Who influenced your rapping style? I really couldn’t guess even if I tried.

I grew up on wu-tang, onyx, busta, you know shit like that because of my pops..but what influenced me was the fact that i figured out I was good at writing and expressing how I feel.

4. Firstly, I want to say how impressive your discography has been so far. You’ve been doing music for a couple of years now, in that time what would you say your greatest achievement has been?

my greatest achievement was coming back to philly and getting to where I’m at now and staying focused because that’s the whole reason I came back.. and building a brotherhood with R1 and having true solid brothers who believe in u, I wouldn’t be no where honestly.

5. Where do you fall in the R1 timeline, were you involved with the initial formation? You guys are one of the dopest groups out and I’m interested in learning more about you guys as a collective if I can.

I been here since the start.. it’s people who was R1 that ain’t no more but still all love and they know that. But yeah get hip to my whole squad..From jamezlaflame, Stoney blvck, Coolaidhippy, Tethra64, Mp5k, Dave Amigo,
Rvpso, our Dj Cozi bob who the based out dc area..but yeah u get the point, it’s a lot of us.

6. #CULT dropped around 5 months ago now, and it was great to see that almost every song was a group effort as that’s quite rare in collective projects. Are you guys planning a follow up or are you largely focused on individual efforts?

of course, for both

7. Your two latest tapes were TRASHBOY with Lil Trvsh and GONEFISHING with Jaguar Claw. Both are excellent, and lead me to ask whether you prefer working with single producers on the projects you drop?

it’s funny u say that but honestly that’s just how it works out because the producer sends me so many fire beats and Ill just have different tracks with them so we eventually end having a tape.. but I don’t have preference.

8. You have dropped three installments in the Western Haze series with Evil Haze, and you’ve appeared on both his Winter Haze projects. Will we see more work from you two, or any other members of BMB, in the future?

yeah u will, I got some tracks with BMB SAYDA on my album coming in the summer but as far as haze I don’t know..but it’s all love on this side I still fuck w bmb. But I’m def tryna do more stuff with Loko.

9. You’ve collaborated with a wide number of artists in the underground, including Herme$, Kli9se Killem & ICXXY. Do you have songs coming with any of these artists, or any other non-R1 collaborators, in the works?

yeah I got shit coming all three of them boys.. I ain’t gone say anything about the other non-R1 collaborations.

10. You dropped a video for ‘BUILT’ with BMB Sayda back in January, and one for NGAF with Loko Los a couple of months prior. Do you have any other visuals on the way?


11. I still really appreciate you sending me that song for my tape, it’s clear that you fuck with and show love to the whole unda. Is there anything else you’d like to add to finish this interview off?

Honestly just shout to whole R1.. all the producers who I’ve worked with, and especially the producers who got a name for themselves who’s given me the opportunity to work with them, and just anybody in general whose given me the opportunity to be apart of something bigger then me ..and another big one to everyone who continues to support, because without y’all support and love, we wouldn’t be anywhere.

Listen to Cowboy on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @cowboykillerr1.

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