An artist that immediately impressed me with his concise, melodically confident music, Elijah is a force to reckoned with, and is definitely about to prove himself in a big way.

1. You have a small discography so far, but every song holds weight as a quality piece of hip hop. What moods and emotions do you aim to convey in your music?

I try to express how I feel through every single song or how the beat makes me feel. The way I think of it is if I write how I feel then it’s genuine. Whatever the subject matter is it’s just what’s on my mind, pretty much mood based haha

2. You recently dropped ‘TRAPPED’ with sameflannel, how did that one together?

Im really happy i got to work with him on that track! I got the beat from Cleexshay who I found out about through flannel and asked him to hop on it. My brother, who’s the reason I linked up with him, did the cover art for it and Whosemusic mixed it. So happy to have that in my discography.

3. I’m definitely looking forward to your tape, what is it called and when can we expect it by?

The tape’s name is Forward Motion! I’m planning on dropping it the first of may! I’m really excited to put it out. I have more to come after too.

4. ‘TELL ME’ was the first song I heard from you, will we see more of that smooth, melodic style from you on your future projects?

Yeah you’ll hear a couple different songs like that on the tape actually! I like doing that type of music the most to be honest. But I really like being diverse is the music I make. I never wanna do the same stuff over and over again.

5. Do you have any specific influences when rapping?

Wifisfuneral has been a pretty big influence on my music. I’ve been listening to him since BHR and I love his whole discography. Robb and Cris are definitely there too, I found out about them all at the same time.

6. Do you have any dream collaborations, or just any artists and producers you’d really like to work with?

As of right now I really wanna work with AJ Suede wether it’s a beat or a verse, or both! Dream collabs would probably be lucki, Wifisfuneral, Cris dinero, adio, Filthy, and Corbin.

7. Where are you from, and has your location inspired your career?

I’ve lived here in Iowa since I was 9 but before that my family moved around a lot. Its really really boring here so you have to find ways to entertain yourself so it’s become something big for me. I was in band/choir all throughout highschool too.

8. Any people you want to shout out or other stuff we should be looking out for?

Shout out to sameflannel for being supportive since I started doin this and for being one of my favorite artists right now. And shout out to you for all this stuff you’re doing, it’s great work. Shout out cleexshay for amazing production and whose for amazing mixing! Oh & shoutout Young Niko aka Lil Niko aka Niko-nee, aka Niko, we got a lot of music comin up soon

Listen to Elijah on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @_elijahaiden_.

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