One of the gnarliest rappers creating the distinctively dense, shadowy sound of the underground, Roach is a monstrous rapper that sounds great over any type of production.

1. You were one of the first artists I followed that heavily pursued that dark, dissonant sound that a lot of the underground is known for, and you definitely make it better than a lot of people. What inspired you to make music in the way you do?

My inspiration for the sound in my music is dedicated to a lot of old shit i used to listen to growing up. like underground shit, stuff like UGK, 8Ball and MJG, 2nd to None. and also Spaceghostpurrp of course, but mainly my music is just me. most of the stuff in my songs is related to my real life and how i see it through my eyes.

2. You’ve worked heavily with KRXXK and Jewish Reaper, dropping EP’s with both. Would you say they’re your favourite producers to work with?

yes they r a couple of my favorites, their sounds compliments my sound. so they really bring the best outta me. so does Loko Los and Lil Trvsh, the beats from all these producers are always unique and match my unique sound. the beats do not sound like any other producers which is very a very underrated attribute nowadays

3. ‘SPINE’ could definitely be considered your classic. How did that, and the remix with Sol Faneto, come together?

SPINE was originally just me produced by Spaceghostpurrp, i hit him up and bought the beat and everything. it was a process tho, he isnt the greatest businessman. that’s besides the point tho. Sol heard of my music through a soundcloud station or something like that, he started showing love, i been fw sol and his music. he hit me up and was tryna work together. we originally were supposed to do a whole different tracc, we werent planning on doing a remix. but he heard SPINE nd was like “aye bro lemme do a SPINE remix” and i was game for it. so he took the original song and i gave him the beat also and he put in most of the work for the remix, shouts out to sol

4. Where did you get your rap name from? I know you’re a part of Darth Mob, but which of those came first?

i have been rapping since i was like 17 or 18, but i just recently started understanding the dynamics of how to make good music. but originally i was in a group called Spvcegang, it was me and my group of friends from high school, these r the same friends that r currently in darth mob. I was originally Spvceman Indigo, then I went to Spvceman Kev for like two weeks. but one night me and Darth Zu was pulling an all nighter with everyone in Spvcegang. we were all smoking in an abandoned apartment building. and we were up at like 4 AM planning out music shit, i was telling him i want to change the group name from Spvcegang to Darth Mob. Originally he didnt seem too fond of it but it wasn’t like he hated the idea or anything, he just liked his name i guess. but around the end of 2017 i started going by Spvceman Roach for like a few months and then in the middle of 2017 i just went for it and changed everything to Darth Roach and Darth Mob etc. and i got rid of Spvceman everything and everyone else in Darth Mob just kinda followed my lead bc they fw it. and also i fw Star Wars, my favorite Sith is Darth Maul. and Darth kinda just describes me and my energy as a person and the sound of my music. and also i have been Roach since around my junior year of high school and everyone kinda just addressed me as such, they think its funny or it fits me or they think its cool. either way i appreciate it

5. You just dropped a new song with Venom Pimp, who is dope but not someone I’m really clued up on. Who else is an underrated rapper in your opinion?

a quicc list of underrated rappers, Phee6z, Big Pete, Venom Pimp of course, Darth Zu, Darth Money, Krone nd Joni, EVILLAIRE, Lil Disceased, and BloodyBay, Baby Sosa, Digital Hell, Bittersweet, and my girlfriend, im probably missing a few.

6. Your work with EVILLAIRE is always insane, do you guys have more on the way?

Yea EVILLAIRE is a top 3 draft picc for me, ima come clean rn. idek if he wanted me to tell anyone, but me and him have a whole EP coming out soon. it was originally supposed to b all produced by Jewish Reaper but i think we’re gonna get more producers on it like Loko Los and KRXXK and Lil Trvsh but we will see what we can get. so far we got like 4 or 5 songs i think

7. I’ve hosted multiple songs for you, including a collab with Lil Disceased. How have did you first connect with SGM and other underground rap groups?

Funny story, i used to be in SGM. i left the group to take full control of my career and Darth Mob. i had to focus more on my goals, i still fw them tho. i have known Lil Trvsh and Lil Disceased for some years through the internet and social media nd shit like that. they put everyone on to me lowkey so shoutout to them bc i wouldnt have known as many people in the underground as i do rn if it wasnt for them showing love and support nd shit. but thats the main group i work with, another group i fucc with heavily is Flexxcult and HexxxMob. i fucc with R1 heavy too but i dont think i will have any work with them anytime soon or ever, just bc they on a different level than me. but i would love to work with their producers definitely.

8. Will we see a full project from you soon? I definitely need a tape from you asap.

ima come clean again, this year i wanna work on a cyberpunk tape with production from KRXXK, Loko Los, Bloodline Genesis, Lil Trvsh, MP5K, nd Myself. i plan for it to b around 13 traccs. also, im slowly putting together ideas for a self produced tape, i will title it “Live From Dallas” i plan for it to be around 17 traccs, but other than that ima have a lot of EP’s out this year with some of my favorite producers. im excited for you to see whats in store this year tbh

9. Is there anything else you’d like to add? Shoutouts etc.

yessirrr, shoutouts to SSC. Shoutout VA, shoutout to Texas, shoutout to Indiana and Florida. BIG SHOUTOUT TO THE UNDERGROUND RAP GAME OVERSEAS. y’all be showing so much love, its always appreciated definitely. shoutout to all my mob. Shoutout Zu, Money, Ghost, Apollo, Benji, my girlfriend and Venom Pimp, thank u 108mics shoutout to YOU

Listen to Roach on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @darthroach7.

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