One of the greatest rappers I’ve been put on to as of late, FERRARA’S work rate is truly immense. It’s my pleasure to interview such a talented artist, especially one so supportive of my music.

1. You’ve dropped a huge amount of music, including many projects. Of these, which would you say you’re most proud of?

In my opinion its kinda hard to just name one project or single cause ive made so much music i like , but if i had to specifically name one id have to say the plugged in tape i did with the homie DJ PHATTT that was like my official first tape n what basically put my name in the underground scene.

2. I’ve heard you tackle a whole bunch of styles, from plug shit to dark trap. What comes most naturally to you?

I dont really know mannn i bounce around so much but the music i enjoy making the most is probably the more meaningful ones , ya know the ones you can walk away after a listen and learn something , something that will make someones elses day better. All my songs i put effort into but i definitely like to make more meaningful ones more lyrical thats juss me tho. Most of the songs i enjoy making arent even out tho.

3. You seem to enjoy working on multiple tracks with single producers. Who has made your favourite beats to rap over to date?

Ive worked with so many producers man i respect everyone of them and the love they show, but i have a couple of producers i definitely enjoy working with alot not just because of the music but relationship wise too , but subjxct deff one of my favorite producers ive worked with his beats are just so different , but shout out the homies marty, jim burns , lil rari , iampissed , Icxxy, loko los , mexiko dro, kneeks , dead eyes , thorns , westt the great , reaper , xero , green kaktus n any of the other producers ive ever worked with thanks again.

4. That collab EP with CHXPO is pretty dope, are there any other artists you’d like to work alongside in that way?

Ya man shout out the homie chxpo one time hes fr helped me alot , but to be honest rn ive been more focused on figuring out myself but id love to work wit bby goyard again n same wit baby gucci ive been trying to get him to do a ep wit me for a minute now , he juss always mad busy.

5. Who else in the underground are you really fucking with? I know you and Baby Gucci are cool, JUiiCE too.

SHIIIIIIIIIIIT Underground wise i fuck wit sub 9k , the whole 2oo4/afm1g , dj phattt , the homie icxxy , 2kthagoon ,5 posse, bby goyard, Luh zay 1k GANGGG , suave jones, marc benjimans , coop dinero , lil blade , liquid snake , fcukgg , havoc wade , ra tha phantom, BMB shit man i could go on forever thats just off the top but shout out the whole underground mane.

6. You’ve dropped three EP’s this year so far, but I know you have a huge amount of unreleased stuff. When and what will the next project drop be?

I try to stay consistent as possible thats for sure , but for right now im just focused on singles they seem to be doing a bit better for me. But i do have quite a few tapes ready to drop so dont worry im unloading alot soon for sure.

7. Thank you again for that exclusive song on my last tape, shit was crazy. You seem to rap about overcoming struggle a lot, is that something that’s influenced you in your career?

Its really what influenced my whole career to be real or atleast what ive done so far , i used to just freestyle alot when i was young juss for fun n what not but after my grandma died literally right in front of me my whole world changed in the blink of an eye , that was the night i really started taking music seriously i just felt it was the only way i could help my family . Like i said i just want my music to make someone feel better about there situation at the end of the day . I been through alot not saying that anyone else hasnt but i know what its like to be down bad n thats where alot of my music influence comes from.

8. What inspires your massive work rate? I know you’re in the studio a lot because you did those adlibs for me while you were there the other day.

i just always make music man im either playin xbox or making music n i got the studio right in my room so i can just cook up whenever so really all day man but influence wise just the shit i been thru to be real just wanting to get out.

9. Where are you from? I can’t place your accent but it’s perfect for music both dark and melodic, and often both.

I bounced around alot but i was born in new york i lived there until i was like 7-8 then i moved to virginia to some small town till i was like 15 n now i live in new jersey at the moment.

10. Are there any last things you’d like to say? I really wanted to check out more of your shit before we did this, but I’m glad we organised it because you’re a really talented artists and one of my biggest supporters as of late.

Hey man i just wanna say shout out to all my family that aint fuck me over shout out all my homies , n anyone else that ever supported my music n obviously shout out 108 mics as always preciate all the love cant wait to drop some more with you and im looking forward to the recorded interview aswell

Listen to FERRARA on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @FERR4RA.

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