Philadelphia rapper Fuego is one of the hardest working rappers out right now, his projects are crazy hard and his live shows are off the wall. We spoke about his music and visuals, his upcoming material and what’s next in his career.

1. Your latest project PLAY THIS AT MY FUNERAL was so good, and pretty underrated in all honesty. How did that tape come together and what were your favourite songs from it?

Man, that tape was mixed with a lot of emotions and drugs, a wild time in my life but my favorite song would definitely be Nameless.

2. You’ve worked heavily alongside Forza, do you guys have any more music on the way in the style of Fuego Season 2 and ‘Drip 4Ever’?

I fuck with forza but idk, I been making a lot of new music wit Litty

3. The ‘Drip 4Ever’ visual was really dope, where did you film that and do you have any other videos planned out?

That video is too fire, I filmed some in philly and some in Panama , I’m working on new videos, should be out soon

4. You and Litty have been working hard, especially on recent tracks like ‘BEN SIMMONS’ and ‘BIG MAD’ (which he produced). Will we see another 3:AM tape any time soon?

Idk time will tell

5. Do you any unexpected collabs on the way? If not, is there anyone you’d really like to work with?

I haven’t been working with a lot of rappers lately but I want to work with anyone who wants to work with me

6. What’s your next drop going to be? This stream of single since PTAMF has been impressive, but will they amount to a project?

Summer 19, flooding the streets , all different sounds, if you hear anything like this then they stole it

7. I heard your live shows go crazy, when’s the next one?

I fucking love performing, next show is next month

8. Any shoutouts you’d like to give?

Shout out to the whole west philly , free the guys , dicc up dummy

Listen to Fuego on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @WhoIs_Fuego.

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