Of all the music videos that Jah-Monte has commissioned for his songs, his latest effort for Alkaline Water highlight ‘Miami Vice Grips’ might be the best yet. As the visual cuts in, the rapper stares into the distance, El Toro’s bass licks cascading in the background. Jah-Monte’s body language is both effortlessly cool and deliberately space-conscious. The setting for the shot is vacant, a mix of urban decay and flourishing nature that the MC stands confidently amidst to spit skilfully alongside the track. As the song progresses we see other shots, such as the rapper walking the streets bathed in an autumnal glow. The video always cuts back to Jah-Monte’s solitary stance amidst the empty lot, however, and ends with some posed by his car, the expression in his face as unflinchingly serious as the track he’s performing to. One of the best moments in the visual overall might be the rapper’s head shake come the lyric ‘I don’t fuck with n**** cos shit ain’t hard to me’, it proves that the MC keeps it as real in his visuals as he does in his sonic expressions.

Check out the visual here.

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