One of the hardest rappers tackling the dark undercurrent of the hip hop scene, Big Pete perfectly matches any production he finds himself on. Since I discovered Pete’s music, I’ve had him marked as one of the realest artists coming out of Houston.

1. I was first put on to you when I hosted your track ‘GOD’S PLAN’ with Lil Disceased. Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists or do you prefer to be on your solo shit?

Nah i like doing my own shit s/o disceased for putting me on that track but i like doin shi just me or my bros hoode and fedha jones i grew up wit em

2. Your project Paranoia Slim was a hard collection of songs with production from KRXXK, Mike Rari, Loko Los & Hi-C. Are any of those guys your favourite to work on beats from?

I like all those producers i got the best ear for beats in this rap shi i swear and ima work wit all those producers for a long time

3. You’re from Houston, are you influenced by the classic artists from your city?

im really from carol city Miami but moved to Texas before i was in intermediate but hell yea even in miami my pops put me onto geto boys that horrorcore shi scarface was spitting made me wanna rap as a kid and when i moved down here i found out about SUC UGK N SPM n all that shi influenced me and had me writing raps n freestyling everywhere

4. When did you begin rapping, and who inspired you to do so?

I been writing raps since i was a lil kid my inspirations are lil wayne 3 6 mafia dj screw n sgp prolly n also living life inspires me because i need shi to rap about

5. What’s your next release going to be? You’ve kept up a solid stream of singles so far this year.

Thank you bruh but shi dropping all year i might drop like 3 more tapes b4 this year end

6. Are there any other artists from Houston that people are sleeping on?

In houston niggas sleepin on hoode he the best rapper in SE and my bro fedha jone$ the best lyricist in texas rn ill put bread on that shit

7. Is there anybody that you’d like to collab with that you haven’t already?

I wanna collab wit feaver he been mia for like 2 yrs his shi was crazy

8. Anything else that you’d like to add?

S/o everyone who fw me

Listen to Pete on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @bigpete__.

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