As a rapper, Splish Splash pays enormous homage to the greats, and has crafted his own lane over the last few years. He’s also an accomplished producer, contributing beats to many of the projects that he’s dropped. An essential part of the Soundcloud community, he deserves his dues.

1. You have almost 800 songs on your Soundcloud, and I remember you saying that that wasn’t even everything you’ve released. Where does your insane work ethic come from?

AYYYEEE SCHKDDD SPLISH SPLASH!!! Inspired by Lil B, Soulja Boy, Agoff, Cartier God and Yung God. They have so much music released there was times they was always droppin new shiii.They had fun makin music not worried about how they always sounded and that’s me!

2. You’ve explored quite a few styles over your career, but most of your shit is the based freestyle shit that we know you for. Have you always been about that ever since you started out?

Yea mane I’ve always been onnat BASED Freestyle shiii. It’s all because of Lil B and da way of BASED so dats how it started, will end and will always be.

3. Your main influences seem to be Lil B and Chief Keef, would that be correct?

Lil B, Soulja Boy, AGoff, Yung God are my main influences #Bitchmob #OGOD #YoshiMob

4. Your beats are pretty crazy, what song are you most proud of producing? You must have a lot of choices so you can pick multiple LMAO.

shiii gah dam dis is hard af to be honest “it’s Neva been fair” “hostile drippin” are hardcore songs that are a lot of negative emotions comin off so those are favs of da last year including the tracks I made fa my late grandfather that past not too long ago last August. 333BASED Freestyle is a favorite but it’s in a style called “Splash Style” which is da name of da mixtape 333BASED Freestyle is on. All the songs are done of the same style, no one has Eva done that type of flow and shiii. But too many songs fa a generic favorite lol.

5. Where should people start with your music? You’ve got a large and very impressive discography, in fact you dropped a new one only the other day.

I got so many different pieces of artwork I can’t tell where people where to start without knowing they’re interests in music. I’m like a rare art museum, you’re gonna find sumn ya like, it’s just a lot to go through. If your trap or evil then 2016. If versatility then 2017. If jus based then from the jump 2014 early splash! 2019 is gettin more experimental and scary

6. You’ve been around for multiple eras of the underground, would you say things are very different now from what they used to be?

Yea everybody be scared to say what they wanna say! Like joni and krone be saying toughen up! So many people make the same sound of music to now in the unda. The unda is supposed to be where we are all different and we embrace it! 2016-2017 was a bad turn fa da unda. All dem plug type beats killed us whateva year that was…

7. Why SplishSplash? When did you realise that this would be your name?

Lol “Splish Splash”!!! Said by Yung God “Grease (John Travolta)” was da first and da start of my name. He said splish splash and I was like ayyyeee I dig it fa myself! In Cartier God da Ocean Gang Cap’n said splish splash in his “smashin&splashin” song confirmed it! And AGoff “Get It Right” SPLISH SPLASH Adlib was like bet nigga get up and record Splish Splash boi!!!

8. You’ve recently been collaborating a lot with the MGR guys, as well as SouthernGawthMobb. Are they some of your favourite people to work with?

Yea MGR and SGM boiz famly…they da yungins really coming from da unda. I would love for all of em to get some shyne frfr. They got some of da best sounds out shoutsout all dem Hexx boiz too!

9. Do you get to do a lot of live shows? I imagine people must go crazy to hear your stuff in that setting.

Naw tbh my performance I jus did on 4/20 was my first :). It was a great time and people was rockin wit me and showin love the whole time. I met bootychaain and black kray which was cool lil moment. They da living legends rn. I wanna die a BASED legend. Everybody has to really pay attention to my sounds cuz my shiii not jus music it’s a whole art and if you don’t pay attention you won’t get it.

10. Anybody you’d like to shoutout? Or any other shit you’d like to say?

Shoutsout BASEDGOD FIRST LOL!!! 5150 3130! SODMG!!! SHOUTSOUT BLACK JESUS Soulja Boy!!! shoutsout OceanGang, Shoutsout GAWD Life, shoutsout Jank Wave!wassup black fist white palm! Mainly shoutsout YoshiMob! Shoutsout Vlud Diamond, My boi Rilez-sniffler(Sniff)lol, Vizzy D #FreeVizzy Atlanticus, King Griffy, Lil Kashin Mane, Hairline City, Jfresh!, and OF COURE MULTI GOD! And last shoutsout you, yun Chris my guy!!! Shoutsout 108Mics…ahhh shoutsout Mike Shields And TaskForce4Ever!!! Shoutsout Da Midwest! Chicago! Maywood, Bellwood, Broadview!

Last thing check out my mf shiii on YouTube type in Splish Splash add a 333 on there if it don’t work!!! Love y’all Splish Splash 🙂

Listen to Splish Splash on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @SplashMane.

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