El Paso rapper Marcell is an artist I’ve paid attention to for a while, so it was only right that we did this.

1. You only have a select few songs left on your Soundcloud, tracks like ‘Flamingos’ seem to be gone. Are you very picky about what songs you keep up and if so why?

I’m sure this happens with a lot of artists. Sometimes I look back on some of my previous work, and I’m somewhat unsatisfied. I feel like I get into my own head and think about a hundred things I could have done differently to make a song better. On another note, I release most of my music with little to no mixing at all, so from a professional stand point the quality suffers. Regardless of number of plays, I usually choose my favorite songs to keep posted while I work on new music and the quality of my old music.

2. ‘Kunimitsu’ is one of your best joints without a doubt. Between that and the exclusive I hosted for you, I’d assume that Sachy was one of your favourite producers to work with?

I can definitely agree ‘Kunimitsu’ and ‘When I’m Feeling Lonely’ are some of my best tracks. I’d like to say they differ in sound and mood from my other songs. I think Sachy’s beats make me think different or unconventionally. They inspire me more than anything. I had written bits and pieces of those songs before even listening to the Sachy beats. But once I did the songs’ sound and lyrics went in a completely different direction and I believe the final product was great.

3. Who else do you enjoy working with? I know El Paso has a lot of dope artists.

El Paso really does have amazing talent stemming from it, whether people want to admit it or not. I haven’t done many collaborations aside from producers. I love jumping on a HennyGod or Girlyouknowiii beat. But if I were to name a few artists that I’d like to work with or work with more often, I’d say Saffi, Skigh, Taj, and Tusk Airline. I think the major difference in style would make a collaboration with any of them that much better.

4. What’s your next planned release? Any singles/projects on the way?

I have a whole project in the works as of right now. That’s going to be my next release. The title is ‘Year 2099’. Its going to consist of going some old joints and some new music no one has heard yet. That’s also I reason I took down some songs from soundcloud so that they sound fresh again when you hear them on this project.

5. Who are you inspired by?

Artist wise, I’ve always been inspired by Lil Wayne, Kendrick, and Travis Scott. Listening to them makes me want to challenge myself with my flow and subject matter. They experiment alot with their music so I cant ever say a majority of what they release sounds the same. And that’s what I’m aiming for.

6. Why and when did you start rapping?

I started writing when I was about 13 years old. I guess it was the thought of how cool the rapper lifestyle was that made me start rapping. Over time it became more of outlet for me to vent as cliche as it may sound. Sometimes there’s things you feel like you cant talk about to people. Or you have certain feelings and emotions that arent easily translated into words. I feel like I lack in communication skills, so music became my voice and how I can express those emotions. I make music more for myself than I do for others.

7. Where do you aim to go with your career?

I always thought being rich and famous because of music is where I wanted to be. But to be honest, I’d much rather aim to create a core fanbase of people who enjoy my music and help me make a living off of it. I dont care much for fame. I just want to be able to kick it and make music without all that pressure.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to add? Shoutouts and such.

First and foremost, my project ‘Year 2099’ is going to drop sometime this year, so just keep a look out. On another note, I just want to shout out the artists and visionaries in my city. I see how hard they work, and they deserve all the praise. And I want to shout you out too cause it’s rare to see someone try and take local artists and put their music in front of new listeners all the time. So shouts to you.

Listen to Marcell on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @MrSweetGeesus.

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