One of the coldest rappers barring out right now, Brick has been working hard on making legitimately great hip-hop, and I’m glad that he took the time to answer these questions.

1. You have a few projects on Soundcloud, but you haven’t dropped any new EP’s or tapes as of late. Are you working on something new at the moment?

yea bro definitely, I’m working on a project rn that has a pretty a good amount of songs done. it’s titled lone soul soldier & it’s gonna have around 15 songs on it. I had a bunch of homies working on the production like Edwinhd & Travis Xantana as well as a good amount of features. I’m thinking about dropping an EP before that though.

2. You dropped a few hard ass tracks last year, ‘Playin4keeps Freestyle’ is what put me onto you. Do you feel like the music you’re releasing lately is better or do you think you’ve just tapped into a new era of your sound? I fuck with all of it, personally.

I’ve been actually noticing that about my music lately, it feels like I hit another plateau or some shit. I feel like I’m evolving as an artist & it’s a crazy feeling. I’m definitely excited to see how my future work is gonna turn out.

3. Thankyou for sending me the songs you did for my tapes, it was an honour to host them. I really fuck with the chemistry you have with Edwin and Ronin respectively, do you have more work on the way with either artist?

Me & Edwin always cooking some shit up on the low so that’s a given. He don’t rap much but when he does he snaps. I’m always down to kill a beat with guys so anything’s possible, especially for the homie SanJiggyRonin.

4. Tell me about R$iN, when did the group form and what do you guys represent?

R$iN is something that we came up with a few years back, it was pretty much something we could call family & really express ourselves within. The name R$iN has a few meanings in it but it’s honestly nothing solid. Arson is the music we make (fire), the dollar sign is a reminder that one day I’ll get paid for this & the, “$in” represents our everyday sins & being able to live with them. This really wasn’t anything I actually sat down made along with the name, I was smacked one night & a light bulb went off lol.

5. Captain Brick is a dope ass rap name, when did you come up with it?

Lmaooo glooks bro, Captain Brick was just some high nigga shit. I’m pretty sure i was just chilling with some bros when I was smacked & we were joking about rap name & I said Captain Brick but it kinda stuck with me. It’s been like 5 years now I’m definitely satisfied with my decision.

6. Where are you from? Were you influenced by any local artists when first started rapping?

I’m from Reading, PA. It’s a small city so you it’s prolly not known to a good amount of people. When I started rapping there wasn’t really any local rappers I really knew about, but after doing it for a couple of years I started meeting people in high school who were pretty good rappers at the time. We’d send verses & shit to each other & really just vibe off each other’s energy. It was something super dope to experience.

7. Who is your favourite producer to work with? You always have good shit with Travis Xantana.

Damn that’s a hard ass decision tbh. I’d say it’d have to go between a few producers, EdwinHd, Travis Xantana or Lennrock. I personally know all these people & they’re all dope ass individuals. I can guarantee they’ll send straight fire if you hit them up to cop.

8. What other artists are you bumping these days? I know you fuck with the Souless guys.

Hell yea big shout out to the souless guys, my guys been putting out big fire. Also my brother Jetpack been dropping some fire recently & he’s also working on a tape. The homie Klovd been starting back on his shit & recently dropped a song. My guy Shogun Stan dropped a fire project & Z Sav always dropping songs. There’s a lot more but I’m not trynna drag it.

9. Do you get to do any live shows or other events?

I do shows here & there, I’d say maybe 1 every few months. It’s always a super dope experience to get out & perform somewhere, especially when it’s a hype crowd & there’s mosh pits.

10. Any final thoughts/people to shoutout?

Big shout out to my girl for staying by my side & staying true to me & my dreams as well as her own. Another big one to my R$iN brother Jetpack for always having back for so many years & just genuinely being my right hand man. Shout out Kelvino Plaza, EdwinHd, Travis Xantana, Klovd, the whole Souless squad, etc (allllll my guys). BIG BIG SHOUT TO 108MICS FOR ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR THE UNDERGROUND. Thank you for always hitting me up with opportunities for me to put my name out there, will always appreciate you bro!!

Listen to Brick on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @BrickCaptain.

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