Interview Season 2: sh0p7ift

One of this generation of hip-hop’s most astounding artists, sh0p7ift represents extreme, discomfort-inducing music that strays far from the traditional genre spectrum. Across dozens of projects, the rapper/producer has proven his worth in almost every songwriting facet. If this is your first time hearing of him, then prepare for a diverse musical journey that covers … Continue reading Interview Season 2: sh0p7ift

Interview Season 2: 2shanez

Another member of MGR sporting an impressively zany style, 2shanez brings quality, occasionally self-produced rap that explores darkness, lucidity and weirdness in equal measure. 1. You dropped your NO LOVE project fairly recently, I was impressed with the versatility in sound. How did that tape come together? It kind of jus developed slowly over a … Continue reading Interview Season 2: 2shanez


ARTIST: CAM KRON SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Having been turned on to Cam Kron by way of his staggering VCidHiGH collaboration ‘Maui’, I decided to dive into the rapper’s discography. The first track I bumped was the metallic grind of ‘Loose Ends’, an IAMPISSED-produced track finding Cam deeply in his rapping bag. Each bar in this song … Continue reading UNDER THE RADAR: CAM KRON


ARTIST: GOODNIGHT ELIJAH SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER My anticipation for FORWARD MOTION! began around a month ago, upon the release of the uber-melodic, piano-led piece ‘TRAPPED’ alongside similarly minded lyrical voice sameflannel. Sporting a feature on the project’s sole single was a bold move for Elijah, who handles the other eight tracks solo, but one that paid … Continue reading 2K19 REVIEWED: GOODNIGHT ELIJAH – FORWARD MOTION!


GROUP: WEIRD LOVE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Calling your collective (and by extension your first, self-titled project) Weird Love sets significant expectations for the sounds that your group implement. In-house beatmaker You Can’t Kill Ideas matches the zany titles and aesthetic that this mixtape sport proudly, his vast vacuum synths and crunchy kick drums make for an … Continue reading UNDER THE RADAR: WEIRD LOVE