Texas rapper Da 9-0 has been making waves as a street rapper for a while now, and I believe he has what it takes to contribute significantly to Texas’ thriving hip-hop scene.

1. Has being from Texas influenced the way that you make music?

Being from Texas is actually my biggest influence when it comes to me and how i make my music because the Down south texas culture is so original and 1 of a kind. You cant get this kinda music anywhere. I wouldnt wanna live anywhere else honestly. Im so Texas. Im so Houston

2. You and Baby Gucci have a lot of collabs, including ‘Drag Race’ and ‘Hasta La Vista’, as well as two songs from the ZICK TVPX EP. Will you ever release a full joint tape?

We’ve talked about it before,,, we both know that’s what the streetz need… Our careers kinda been going in different directions but FASHO,,, the homie is ZICK wit his flows and keeps me goin…He always got the dopest beatz so we’re always quick wit the hitz every time we link,,, it never takes us long to collab on some hot shit

3. I just hosted your latest tape, which is a really great collection of street anthems. What was your favourite song of that project?

Thanks bro, the REAL TRILL Tape is def just that…REAL ! TRILL ! … i love em all but if i had to choose a favorite i would choose 2 LOL I’d probably say THRU DEM CITY LIGHTS and YUNG TILL I DIE are my favorites outta this tape for sure

4. Who are your favourite people to collaborate with? You make a lot of music with J-Ru, and it’s clear you guys have great chemistry.

Honestly, my favorite people to collob wit is Baby Gucci, Loop, Tex, A.C. and J-RU… Tex of WarCamp always puts me on the spot when we in the studio and that really bring the best outta me. And Me and J-Ru actually produce or own music as well as Tex… and we perform together so thats 2 major connections we have when it come to this music shit #FREE DA HOMIE J-RU

5. What is the song you are most proud of out of your entire career?

Idk if i could answer that question… thats a hard 1 foreal… the song i would say im most proud of outta my career is probably the first track i ever got on in 4th grade. My homie Lil C (Dat Boi Cee) recorded us on Atomix dj wit a karaoke microphone to that 2pac Ballin instrumental … but that song is long gone and nobody will probably ever hear it again, not even myself and that hurts… so im proud and disappointed at the same time… the song was called Crawlin’ by the way

6. Is there anybody you’d really like to collaborate with out of the underground?

Honestly have nobody in mind,,, but im always ready to work… collaborating is hella fun if you ask me, i dont like reaching out to people unless they trynna get me on a track then count me in

7. Are there any shoutouts you’d like to give?

I wanna give a s/o to anybody that was mentioned in this interview, s/o to the producers that keep sending these hittin azz beats… S/o baby gucci and his underground team Deathrow and VSOP. s/o WarCamp THATS MY TEAM. S/o Highway 90 Texas and El Campo Texas, s/o to my YTID fam holdin Yung NINE down… s/o 108 mics for all the hosting and dope tags… s/o to GOD for putting me where i need to be and blessing me with some solid 1’s… s/o to all the fans and haters, much love to all yall,,, SALUTE ME OR SHOOT ME Yung 9-0 Yung Till I Die BIITCH

Listen to Da 9-0 on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Da90_YTID.

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