One of the underground’s finest producers, charlesglobe has worked with and moulded the sounds of some of the most recognisable artists in the scene. We discussed his career beginnings, where his inspiration comes from, and what/who he’s been tuned in to as of late.

1. How long have you been making beats, and when did you realise that music was something you wanted to do at the level you’re currently working?

I been making music on and off since like 8th grade. In middle school I was making boom bap shit then just stopped making anything later on that year. I got into the early soundcloud shit like goth money and sgp which lead me to want to make music again, that was like 2015. I got a pc with FL and the rest is history I guess

2. You’ve collaborated with many high profile artists (Wifigawd, TrippJones and Five Finger Posse just to name a few). Was there a point during your time working on those tracks that your popularity as a producer significantly peaked?

I feel like as soon as I switched to ableton the whole game changed for me. I finally started making my own sound which I guess ppl were starting to fw. Unfortunately I was on heavy pharmaceuticals at the time so my life from like 2016-2019 was a complete blurr. I would just wake up after being blacked out the whole day to like 5 beats I wouldn’t remember making. I am not in anyway glorifying the shit as I still feel mental and physical effects to this day that ironically slowed down my workflow significantly.

3. Your music can be anything from thumping layers of eerie bass (seen most famously on Alvin Abyss’ ‘Burn The Witch’) to majestic, borderline orchestral beauty (such as on CASTLEMUSIK with Lil Trvsh). Where does this diversity originate from and which of these styles do you find most enjoyment in making?

The sad majestic shit takes a toll on me. It gets stuck in my head for weeks and fucks my whole mood up. I can barely listen to “two sided tape 1” and a lot of “blue literature” for that reason. The dark bass-ey shit makes me feel like the mf man when I finish lol. I think what made me find my own sound was sacrificing my brain, body and social life to really lock in and also disconnecting from hip hop. I basically only listen to jazz. The grittiness and eeriness of these jazz artists off their ass on dogfood is 1000x more dark and eerie than anything Ill ever make.

4. Who are your favourite rappers to work with? Aside from the people I’ve already mentioned, I’d say you have the strongest chemistry with Astral Trap and DEADGXD.

Damn idk where to start. My gang: slump squad, dojo pack, haunted trvp, I fw working w my homies in real life, that’s why I never really send shit out anymore. Also luve, Alvin, 5g and a million more fr. You basically gotta get me to come over to work otherwise its going on a tape now.

5. You did an entire project with Slump Grimey, in what sense are you two affiliated and how did SlumpSquadWaveyGang begin?

As far as how SSWG started u gonna have to ask slump cuz this shit was around before I even moved to LA. All I remember was my homie was coming over when I moved out here n slump was with him and we’ve been kicking it ever since. Grimes is my mf brother in every sense of the word. I’m honestly surprised we are alive and free after making globe wave lmao that project was during a crazy ass time in our lives. There’s not too many people out there u know have your back no matter what I’mma always fw bro AND HE CAN OUTRAP 99% OF YOU.

6. Do you have any new beat tapes coming soon? The Lost Files project was really cool, lots of very diverse sounds there.

Thanks bro I appreciate that I don’t want to be a one trick pony out here I try to keep multiple swags under my belt. Only thing I’m working on rn is “two sided tape 3” which I plan on taking my time on so it probably won’t be out until after summer. This will be the last in the series, the 1st one is very special to me so idk how I can top it but I have too.

7. Is there anybody you’re planning on reaching out to work with, or any dream collaborations?

Actually no surprisingly. Like I said I haven’t been listening to much rap besides xanman and old mob deep so I’ve been living under a rock fr. But I’m down to work w new artists rn so if you fw me hit my line I’m always down to build a new sound.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to add? Where can people buy beats/reach out to you on? And would you like to provide any shoutouts?

S/O HAUNTXD TRVP S/0 $$WG S/0 DOJO PVCK AND S/O 108 MICS !! hmu on twitter or IG for tracks and I’ll hit u back. Peep my tracktrain at even tho I barely update it

Listen to charles on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @charlesglobe.

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