A member of new collective Midnite Club, UV fka Blaow Baby is making outsider rap with a trap edge. Enjoy our interview!

1. How did you first meet GG and everyone else in Midnite Club?

I met GG after his show,we linked up a day after. At the time GG was working on beats and Blue world project, fire by the way! No one has a fucking clue. I’ve only met @Lqd_Snake97 so far, really dope artist ya hearddd.shout out to everyone else though ,cant wait to meet them!

2. That ‘BINKY pt. 2’ track is pretty crazy, is Dr. Alien one of your favourite producers to work with?

Hell yeah Binky pt.2 is the shit but Binky pt.1 though!that’s it!(Shout out GG). The beat is dope & @500DEGREEJAZ mixed the shit out if it,did her thang on it! Shout out to her ! Shout out to all the real producers out there ! Look out for one of my new collabs with this female producer nina_lava!

3. What other songs do you have in the works at the moment?

Working on a tape but I dropped 3 new songs,Tr!ll B!tch Anthem,keep that energy ,Ultraviolet dreams.go check it out!!

4. Will we ever see an EP or tape from you?

May 31st,Gemini Shiit

5. How long have you been interested in hip-hop, and when did you realise that you wanted to rap?

I’ve always been into hip-hop,that’s what I grew up on &Freestyle music. When I was younger I was big into dancing and that was always my passion/dream ! But when I met GG I took a turn into music. I just fell in love with the fact I could get whatever I’m feeling out and create something people could bump and relate too.

6. Is there anybody you would really like to collaborate with that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

Well since I’m in the beginning stages of my music theirs a lot of people I would like to collab with. My top 4 would be Bootychaaain,FKA twigs,@500DEGREEJAZ @ITSREAPERx it

7. Why did you changed your name from Blaow Baby to your current moniker?

Ultraviolet is the handle I’ve went with when I first decided to record music. I feel it’s more ambiguous.

8. Any last things you’d like to say?


Listen to UV on Soundcloud. Follow her on Twitter at @UVLXT.

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