Having been turned on to Cam Kron by way of his staggering VCidHiGH collaboration ‘Maui’, I decided to dive into the rapper’s discography. The first track I bumped was the metallic grind of ‘Loose Ends’, an IAMPISSED-produced track finding Cam deeply in his rapping bag. Each bar in this song serves as an extension of the industrial groundwork laid by the beat, his Texas-influenced flow binding them together into a piece begging for the chopped treatment. Conversely, the rapper settles comfortably into languid stoner rap on ‘Gold Plated’, a track that will likely prove key to his development as an artist in years to come. By crafting songs as elegant as this joint and the edm-inspired ‘ANGELS’, Cam is gaining essential practice with various rapping techniques over a selection of production as widely-plucked as it comes.

Recently, a focus on artsier, less conventional song structures (see ‘RARITY’) and towering trap pieces has given the rapper’s music a huge boost of energy, but as you cast your gaze back to his pre-2018 material evidence of songwriting mastery can be found in spades. ‘Whats It Mean To You’ brings a self-aware angle to a generic trap beat, and it’s this propensity to murder every track ensures even lesser beat choices translate into great songs. ‘Eye’m Nobody’ is chronologically the first example of a truly superb piece of music in Cam’s discography, pleasant splashes of vocal melody turning a mid-tempo foot tapper into a lovely daydream that as of now is his most popular single by far. If you’re seeking to get into Cam’s music, this song isn’t a bad place to start but honestly any of the above songs are equally inviting, accessible and memorable.

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