Rhode Island rapper lowca$e has a solid discography under his belt, primarily working on moody, textured and highly personal songs, yet also working alongside industry legends (Mick Jenkins, RetcH). His latest song is ‘mother’s day’ (dropped on the day itself), a track that immediately takes a place in the vast pantheon of quality songwriting that he’s delivered in the past. ‘I heard it’s mother’s day today and I got no plans’, rings the hook, as if the writer has been trapped in a cycle of social disinterest and is only breaking it to record his thoughts to the world.

The lyrics in the verses are no different, as lowca$e speaks openly about the forced friendships created by those in his hometown and the lack of support from his family. The gruffness of the rapper’s voice makes these struggles all the more real and relatable, his pain is apparent in every word. The bridge is arguably the strongest emotional moment: ‘I don’t wanna do too much since I miss you’. lowca$e is clearly lost in the cyclone of turmoil that surrounds him, the only things that truly bring him relief are the drugs that he frequently alludes to, and a space where he can ‘live and create’.

In general, this song is a summary of the artist’s mental state, the stress that surrounds him, and the ways he seeks to overcome it all. Using a simple, piano-led beat, the rapper’s brand of husky, downcast hip-hop sounds more powerful than ever.

Listen to the song here.

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