MGR member Slur is a rapper, mixer and a lover of weird, distorted music. He drops singles and projects at an outstanding rate, and I’m very glad we’ve tapped in for an interview.

1. How did you tap in with 4jay, 2shanez and everyone else in order to become part of MGR?

i was talkin 2 4jay wen he made it

2. Where did you come up with your artist name?

like a year ago rip xantana

3. You’ve chopped up some crazy, unexpected songs from The Smiths, Gwen Stefani etc, and it would be safe to assume that you have a lot of influences outside of hip-hop. What inspired you start rapping/doing mixes?

i started rapping bc i was bored n evry1 around me was. and mixxings jus fun 2 me.

4. Your EVERY 1 MID // GET MUNEY project is dope, the samples and general atmosphere were nuts. ‘SWTT16’ is a definite highlight because you and SH0P7IFT have awesome chemistry, and it was a pleasure to host the remix. Do you have any similar collaborations in the works?

i love that song yes me n sh0p7ift hav sum stuff otw

5. Who are your favourite producers to work with? As well as 4jay, you’ve collabed with GYPTXVN, THAWICKETONE, LIL TRVSH and many more.

i miss 2shanez beats 😦 but other than who u said Gxthchyld ,Sh0p7ift & Dj slur

6. We hear a lot of mixes from you, such as the EVILLAIRE one you just put out. Are you working primarily on DJ Slur stuff at the moment or do you have another rap tape planned?

yea i workin a kouple things rn should b sum new shit out 2day >:)

7. Is there anyone outside of MGR you’d really like to make music with?

just the niggas n hexx rlly

8. What else can we expect from you the rest of the year? I know you drop music at a crazy rate so im always anticipating something.

not sure im kinda gettin tired of this shit :/ probly gonna take a break soon but kollab tape prod.Trvsh is otw

Listen to Slur on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Islurwhenitalk.

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