Another member of MGR sporting an impressively zany style, 2shanez brings quality, occasionally self-produced rap that explores darkness, lucidity and weirdness in equal measure.

1. You dropped your NO LOVE project fairly recently, I was impressed with the versatility in sound. How did that tape come together?

It kind of jus developed slowly over a kouple of months. Didn’t kno it was going to be a tape until I was like 4 or 5 songs in lol

2. You frequently work with the other MGR guys, as well as people like GYPTXVN, SH0P7IFT & SPLISH SPLASH. Are these the people you fuck with most in the underground?

yeah those r definitely my favorite people to work with. They all genuine as fukk, good ass ppl Fr. Also got put into HEXX MAFIA rexently shouts out the hexx boys they always doin krazy shit #HMF

3. Are there any other collaborations you’d really like to lock in?

I honestly want work wit anyone and everyone who fukk with me. If u fwm and u hit me up to make sum shit, I’ll be with it almost 100% of the time

4. You rap, produce and do mixes. Which did you do first and do you think there are advantages to doing various elements of a song by yourself?

I started by making really shit beats n then started rapping n mixing. There’s definitely advantages when I be doin songs by myself kus sometimes I be wanting my shit to have a xertain feel and sound.

5. Do you freestyle your shit? Your sound has evolved quite a lot but your rapping still sounds both slick and frantic.

it depends. No Love was mostly written, but the shit I’ve been releasing rexently has been a lot more freestyling.

6. It’s rare that we hear your real voice. Is there a reason that you prefer to chop your vocals up when making music?

I jus like seein how fukked up I kan make my shit sound lmao.

7. Will we see another project from you this year, or will you be mainly dropping singles?

Yes hopefully another projekt but definitely a lot of singles too!

8. What would you say is the song you’re most proud of? I love ‘WHOREBITXH’ with Slur a whole lot but its a tough decision.

whorebitxh is a good one shouts out baby Guxxi Fr! But I would probably have to say either perk drought, which 4jay hosted on his page, or Stacy. The new sigilkore GONExSTRANGER song me n jay jus put out is definitely up there too.

Listen to 2shanez on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @2shanez3500.

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