The latest drop from hot dilby, who earlier this year dropped a tightly arranged, excellently-produced project in Rainforest, is ‘Thunder’. This track rocks and sways with the emotion in the singer’s voice, his soft tones making for a brilliantly smooth hook. The use of autotune on the song is obvious, but it is by no means a crutch. Doused in a silky sheen, dilby’s delivery here finds itself in a unique pocket that may very well define his future releases.’I keep em hypnotised like they staring in the fire’ is my favourite bar in the more traditionally-rapped verses, dilby’s flow remaining melodically-inflected as he tackles the west coast-influenced groove with a style more befitting of the genre’s origins. However, it is the very last moments here, where the title of the track is warbled with added effects, that feel most effective. Instead of a fade out, the music is brought to a concise end, sending four minutes of finger-snapping pop-rap progression to an abrupt halt. It’s fitting when you consider the song’s context; the lyrics are primarily about over-thinking and in particular feeling frustrated and lost in your own thoughts. This song isn’t as flash-in-the-pan as the weather phenomenon it is named after, but it leaves as much of a scorching mark.

Listen to ‘Thunder’ here.

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