The third single of Komato$e’s upcoming project, ‘Registered Flex Offender’ is another important piece of the Arizona rapper’s discography. A steely trap banger, the song features three quality verses from the main act alongside two collaborators (TrippBoi, Yung Davon). The song reminds me of the Denzel Curry classic ‘Threatz’ in that its hook is stupidly infectious, its verses punchy and diverse, and its production gloriously high-octane. ‘If I’m killed before I’m 21, they late on that abortion’ Komato$e laughs during his verse, his delivery lazer-focused and self-aware. All three artists on this track fit the X-808 beat perfectly, their differing approaches giving this all the hallmarks of a defining track for every involved party. This song has left me eagerly anticipating the 3AM Manic Episode project, especially if the music within is all tightly performed as this.

Look out for the song here.

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