R1 producer and one of Philadelphia’s strongest beatmakers, Marrero is constantly helping to shape the darker sounds of the underground. It was a pleasure to finally do an interview with him.

1. Firstly, I want to ask where and how your involvement with R1 began? Which of the members were you working with first?

I got started with R1 At the end on 2017, i collabed with CowboyKillerr on one song, that then turned into two, which ended up turning into BTV 2. Then i worked with CoolaidHippy on Grungebaby and from there joined R1 and started working regularly with them guys.

2. You and Cowboy worked on multiple full EP’s together with the BTV series. Do you guys have another one in the works?

Me and Cowboy definitely have more stuff coming. BTV 4 is going to be longer than 2 and 3 tho. Aside from that there’s a lot of constant work being done within the group. Every member works with eachother we’re like a machine.

3. Do you have any favourite R1 tracks that you’ve produced?

To be honest i tried to make a list but I’ve never made a song that i didn’t like by R1 so i can’t pick a select group of songs to pinpoint. I just love making music with my brothers, I’m never disappointed.

4. Who are your favourite non-R1 rappers to work with? Your stuff with Sauvi Gualla, FHN Mook, Sol Faneto, ICXXY and most recently bloodybay has all been super fire.

Outside of R1 I’m happy to work with any artist that i like, that isn’t a joke of a person and takes themselves and their music seriously

5. You’ve dropped a couple of solo tapes now, I run that Black Ice EP frequently. What’s next for you in terms of producer projects/beat tapes?

In terms of solo projects I’m not 100% sure. Nobody has been consistent on finishing songs and sending them back really so it’s probably going to be a full production tape. Starting with Psychological Horror 2 and im going to put out another full EP like Black Ice, but with more artists that i haven’t worked with yet.

6. Did you have any main inspirations when you first started producing?

My inspirations when i started producing were Lex Luger and Southside back in 2012 when i was in 8th grade. I did it for fun. Then in 2015-2016 i played around on FL Studio again and it was more Seshollowaterboyz inspired sound. Flash forward to Fall/Winter 2017 my inspirations were and still are primarily Loko Los, PurpDogg, Ronny J, and SGP. Both Teth and Rapso inspire me also. They’re both unique and all three of us are pushing DnB/Blast to a new level

7. Do you have any beat collabs on the way that may surprise people? That one with Sayda was immense.

As far as beat collabs, I’d like to work over Krone melodies, currently working with Bloodybay, and also lookin to set up some shit with 4Jay. And that Sayda beat was amazing i can’t wait to have lyrics over it

8. Where does your producer name come from?

My producer name is pretty basic, My last name is Marrero and i really used to just call myself MarreroMp5k cause i ran SMGs on call of duty and kinda fell in love with the MP5K. That’s the honest truth I’m not gonna try and come up with some bullshit story to cover it up Lmao. I go by MarreroMp5k, Marrero, MP5K, and Rrero. I honestly like Rrero better and May transition to that being the main alias but i truly couldn’t care less what i get called as long as it’s Marrero or Mp5k related.

9. Aside from R1, who is running the underground right now in your opinion?

In my opinion nobody is running the underground. Everyone is working with eachother and it’s leading to great music and this is exactly how it should be.

10. How often do you cook up some beats, and do you any advice for people looking into starting to produce?

I have so much work of mine sent out that i could stop making beats for a year and still have a consistent flow of music coming out. I still make beats twice a week on top of having a career and a life outside of music. In the summer i could easily sit down and make six beats at any moment and still can.

My advice to anyone that wants to start producing or progress as a producer is to find something you can make unique to yourself and build around it. Find more than one sound that you like. Make connections with other artists and build with them, don’t just use them for leverage. Don’t be scared to charge people for beats. Dont pay someone to rap on your beat, you’re wasting your time and money and beat. And have fun doing it, if you’re not having fun and it feels like a chore then take a break.

Listen to Marrero on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @marreromp5k.

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