ATL rapper Flacko is one of the brightest hopes for the current wave of underground hip-hop, his music steadily becoming sharper and more infectious as the years go by.

1. How long have you been rapping for, and who were your influences when you first started out?

I think it’ll hit two years in a few weeks or so actually lol when I first started I still feel like Wiz is one of my main influences fasho. Robb Bank$ as well. Those are two goats to me lmao

2. Who are your favourite artists out of Atlanta, and who would you most like to work with out of the hip-hop scene there? I know you fw Carti a lot.

Fav’s out of Atlanta? Outkast, Uno, Thugger, Future, RHQ, Key! Is legendary. Gunna. But of course Carti on there lol. Crazy part is he’s still not my first to work with here. If anybody I really wanna work with Key! or Uno lmao they go crazy to me.

3. Whose production do you think your style meshes with the best?

I really bounce back and forth lol I’ve done a lot on Izak’s shit when I first started but right now I feel like my shit with Kevin Katana is really wavy. But the whole first tape im doing is by my bro Geez and where side by side the whole time. We make hits I swear. He’s the one that made Texaco.

4. ‘Never Fold’ is one of the greatest songs I’ve heard from you recently. Will we hear more music in that style on your upcoming project?

In a sense yeah but at the same time nah. Paco is on a whole different ave but we definitely have more shit otw I’ve just been preparing for these two projects.

5. When will we hear your first full length tape? The stuff that you’ve been dropping is quality, so I’m very excited for it.

I’m honestly trying to have it done this week. My life was kinda shaky recently so im bouncing back from it. But Playing4Keeps is the one im finishing now. Completely produced by Geez. Im working on another project right after I finish this one called Flacko Earnhardt and that one is gonna be completely produced by Mad Russian.

6. What would you consider your greatest musical accomplishment so far?

I made it on Lyrical Lemonade like a year ago and was on one of their first playlists. It was a dope feeling tbh. I think thats what helped me keep going. It kinda made me realize I can do this on a serious level lol

7. Do you have music coming with anyone else in Undaworld? I’m not sure how active you guys are as a whole collective but to hear more collaborations between you would be dope.

Most definitely! It’s been some shaky shit going on that I won’t speak on cause I really just try to keep my focus on the music but we’re gearing up now. We got a UndaATL show getting thrown at the end of this month actually.

8. What does the 444 in your artist name mean?

I learned about it in a kind of backwards fashion. It’s just kind of weird. 4 is a big number in my life. It’s one of the only ages I can remember my life vividly from. I stopped eating any type of meat at the age of 4. When my grandma died I started seeing that shit EVERYWHERE. But it all came full circle when I found out I was born at 4:44 PM. So I just see it as that’s my angel or probably her.

9. What else can we expect from you this year, musically at least?

Man I got some stupid fye features I’ve been doing with my homies and a few friends I’ve made while making music but I’m trying to drop Flacko Earnhardt around August. Might even try to slide a lil EP or something in before the year over as well

Listen to Flacko on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter.

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