Writing about Jah-Monte’s visuals has become second nature to me, such is their consistency. The latest, ‘DON’T HIT ME IF YOU DON’T HAVE THAT BAG’, begins with an animated video, but it soon returns to the rapper’s familiar figure, posted up in his neighbourhood. Dressed casually, the rapper mimes his lyrical eloquence with enormous passion. As Jah-Monte raps ‘Your shit stepped on so much I see a shoe scuff, my shit so pure for praise she let my dude fuck’, his body language is as assertive as ever. The lighting in this video is less dark and ominous than some previous offerings, and so the rapper is illuminated in a totally different manner. Significant attention is given to his ‘Fuck Callis’ hoodie, by now any fan of the rapper should recognise this slogan and it’s partially down to its inclusion in these visuals that it has stuck so quickly. Arguably, this is the simplest of the Jah-Monte pieces I’ve reviewed, the shots are all fairly static, focusing on the rapper’s attire and the looming city in the background. Working on cohesion with the song, this is some of the most enjoyable work the rapper has commissioned and starred in.

Check out the visual here.

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