Mysterious Illinois rapper Schizophrenic God is bringing the dark, phonk sound that we credit to some of the most revolutionary hip hop of the last decade for reintroducing to the masses. The rapper’s most recent single ‘Devil Shit’ is as harrowing as you’d expect: ‘Lay down in a ditch, devour these clips, half an hour passed six, flowers of bliss’. Recently, the rapper told me that he intends to release a full phonk tape full of similar-sounding music, and a glimpse at his unreleased track ‘Killing Spree’ (produced by ‘Devil Shit’s’ Shinigami Tenshi) reveals the artist rapping through an inebriated haze, references to lean and other drugs slurred over ominous, looped vocal samples. If the entire project sounds anything like these songs, it will be something special indeed.

A glimpse further back into the God’s Soundcloud reveals a compilation titled Delusion Episode One. This offering pulls together a set of strong singles into a surprisingly cohesive piece, offering self-produced inner monologues like ‘Horsemen Of Apocalypse’ and ‘Final Fantasy II’ as well as ‘Black Dahlia’, which is arguably his sharpest song to date. The delivery here feels very genuine, fusing well with the unsettling atmosphere generated by the clashing production techniques. Under his production alias SKAeM, God has provided some of his grimiest music and proven himself to be a very well-rounded creative force.

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