Pedia has a knack for writing quality sing-alongs, that much is obvious. ‘Fall 4 U’ builds off minimal acoustic guitar plucking and soon evolves into a sorrowful piece of pop-rap, the artist utilising both his excellent skills as a vocalist and restless, driving beatmanship. The rapper is just as skilled at tackling other people’s production however, ‘Talk’ is a raucous, emotional whirlpool drenched in effects and featuring a snappy, memorable hook. There is a common theme throughout Pedia’s music, that of heartbreak and painful, nostalgic reminiscing.

This is best seen on the stirring ‘Memories’, a simple song with a beautiful, heartfelt vocal performance. ‘Die Young’ is similarly effective, conjuring barren imagery despite its warm, expressive tone. Bittersweet numbers like this one make up a decent portion of Pedia’s discography, and no song better exemplifies such feelings than ‘Moonlight’. There is no denying that his singing is well above average, it’s clear that autotune is far from a necessity during his recording processes. As his sad jams go, ‘Moonlight’ sounds the most like the melodic masterpiece Pedia is always on the cusp of creating and it stands out in the upper echelon of his material.

A deeper dive into his Soundcloud reveals cutesy joints like ‘Be With Me’, here the vocals are hushed and the melodies slurred. As an artist, Pedia has chosen to focus largely on advanced songwriting techniques, taking his love for slow emotive ballads in a bleakly romanticised direction. It is this decision that has made his music all the more enjoyable, the soaring highs of his greatest work an appealing prospect to anyone searching for true greatness in a genre so flooded with by the numbers artists and producers.

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