Charlotte rapper Young Kaos has been in the game for a minute now, his Soundcloud discography stretching back a good four years, at which point the R&B-flavoured ‘On Me’ can be found. This song utilises a dope hook sung with appropriately lustful lyrics as well as fast-paced, flurried rapping for an excellent melodic hip-hop piece that holds up well even today.

A gaze towards the artist’s Spotify reveals the Financial Aid tape, this project is a lengthy but rewarding tale of making it out of the gutter. Assisted by synthy, poppy production on the self-titled opener, Kaos makes a significant impact with his glorious natural singing voice. ‘Gotta Get This Money’ is all late 2000’s Wheezy, the Young Money rapper’s influence strong but not overshadowing the MC’s natural skill on the mic. Many songs on this tape focus on the sounds of the hip-hop genre in the latter stages of the previous decade, ‘Buckeyes’ is a horn-laden, Jeezy-esque romp over trap drums while ‘Just Pop That’ is more crunk, sporting a catchy hook and an intriguing half-rapped, half-sung vocal style. Other tracks like single ‘Dreams’ are more personal and powerful.

The rapper was undoubtedly capable of impressive versatility when he dropped this album, and it’s obvious that this quality has continued well into 2019. The most recent track dropped on his Soundcloud is ‘Started Rmx’ with Memphis’ BlocBoy JB. The latter’s verse is super hard, adding to the booted up feel of the song. Kaos reps his city on the hook, unleashing rapid, chanted mantras that give the single an unmatchable energy. If raw, restless energy is what you seek in rap music, Young Kaos has you covered.

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