The Super 6 Club producer, established rapper, and melodic genius, Zepeda is in an echelon of his own when it comes to his artistry. It was a pleasure to talk to him about some of his favourite creations, the collaborations he’s done, and when we can expect new material from him.

1. Great to talk to you man, I’ve been a fan for a while! Firstly, I wanted to ask if you were a rapper, producer or DJ first, before anything else?

Likewise g! So yeah all branches of hip hop have played a roll for me at one time or another, whether it be rapping, producing, graffiti, etc but production has for sure been the most fulfilling for me. I did write raps first but beats took over real quick haha.

2. Do you have any notable inspirations as a rapper? It’s pretty hard to trace your influences.

Man, yeah, so the people who made me want to write bars were Big L and Lord Finesse, pretty much the whole DITC (diggin in the crates crew) The polysyllabic rhyme schemes would bug me out and they always had something clever and witty to say.

Further down the road though, I heard Lil Ugly Mane who had a similar appeal but from a very different angle. His more mysterious, esoteric approach to really everything he does is a huge influence on me to this day! Thank you ugly lol

3. You’ve worked very closely with a couple of rappers, one of the first was Onoe Caponoe. Do you two still make music?

Yup! I produced track 13 and a skit on Onoe’ newest work, SURF OR DIE, that recently came out. There’s only like 3 people that I set out to make beats for, like a beat tailored to their style, and Onoe is one of them. 169 holy delix, cosmic seagull gang

4. Another frequent collaborator of yours is Dari Loso/Astral Trap. How did you guys first link up?

So through Onoe and Cosmic Seagull I met Lord Pusswhip (legendary Icelandic producer) we started making beats here and there and he hit me up talking about this artist Dari Loso was gonna get on 1 of the beats, so I looked him and played his shit, really liked it, and asked him if I could email him some beats. That’s when we made LSD MUSIC. Dari also the 2nd of those 3 artists I mentioned above, so thank you Puss for the link up!

5. Can you tell me about how The Super 6 Club’s production roster works? Do you guys collaborate a lot and will we ever see a group tape?

Yeah so as of now, we’re figuring out a good balance and workflow between all of us, being as it’s all relatively different sounding artists. But I’ve collaborated with pretty much everyone in the group, and once we narrow down which direction we want to take the 1st project, it’ll come together nicely, and the process for any following projects will be smooth

6.Are there any others artists that you particularly enjoy working with? You’ve contributed beats to projects like Morgue!, Deadgxd and more.

Onoe, Astral and Pusswhip are all super rewarding people to work closely with, I learn a lot from them. Marceyy and Deergod are amazing people and artists as well. Honestly I could make this list stupid long so I’ll leave it at that, but big ups NODOMS, Thought Realm, my whole 73 family and the Cosmic Seagull camp, love you guys.

7. Do you have a favourite song that you’ve produced, for yourself or somebody else?

Man that’s a good question haha. I have a connection with every song I make with someone, but ones that stand out to me at the moment.. Astral Trap – YACC | Grandmilly – Montega | Chris Crack – Salvador Dali (adult swim exclusive) | Astral Trap – Blade For You | Kung Pao x Myself – Special Edition Deluxe Vol. 1

8. Out of Zepeda and Lunkhedd, which do you currently prefer to go by?

Lunkhedd has been taking the forefront as of late, but Zepeda is who I am as a person. The heavy DOOM influence for me is the different monikers used for perspective change. Sometimes I get jaded and feel boxed in, so I switch it up. However, Zepeda is always there, just takes a back seat at times.

9. When will your Corridor album drop? The single with Vic Spencer that I hosted was crazy.

Thank you man! Corridor is a really personal project for me, so I’ve been making sure the mixes are clean, and everything meshes well. The producer of the project, Jonathan Cloud, is a big inspiration for me, so I just want to do each track justice in any ways that I can!

10. What are your favourite types of beats to make? That ‘Rocket’ beat that you sent me recently is some crazy dark shit, but I know you’re just as capable of making stuff as diverse as ‘Sellin Fiends’, ‘Hour After Hour Shyt’ and the recent ‘The Phoenix’.

It varies a lot for me haha, I’ll sit down with the intention to make some bass heavy darker stuff, find one sound that catches my ear and end up making some house or soul or something haha. Sort of fits with the boxed in theme I mentioned, I never want to feel like there’s a certain sound I have to aim towards, but with that being said, I think this mix I put together for the page is a pretty good representation of the stuff I have the most fun making! Hope you all enjoy, and big ups 108mics

Listen to Zepeda on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @lunkhedd.

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