Back with a fresh EP, Lil Gohan is once again bringing the brand of soulful, new age R&B addled with the various bells and whistles that come with being an autotuned Soundcloud star. Track 1 is ‘unrequited’, which builds off submerged, 40-esque sampling and layers them with voracious drums courtesy of Eem Triplin. The song’s use of Brandy’s voice as a melodic device is enormously successful, it draws increasing attention to Gohan’s endless pool of talent. The song is largely very smooth, romantic and generally mature-sounding, featuring one of the artist’s finest vocal moments to date. As the song reaches its climax, the gears grind to a halt and the rapper’s voice becomes increasingly distorted, reminding listeners of his ability to switch things up before anyone can get too comfortable.

As Jupiter progresses, Gohan’s tone becomes increasingly sombre. ‘back off’ totally abandons vocal extravagance and instead digs deep into a lyrical bag that I’ve only rarely seen him in before now. As a straight rapper, he is clearly more talented and motivated than those that languish in a single sound, and as every song on this EP sounds completely different, I’d say he has nothing more to prove in that regard. Granted, ‘shake’s peers’ is more typical of the sound of his contemporaries, but the track feels more fleshed out than the average guitar-assisted emo-romp. Blessed with interesting flows, warm yet robotic effects and flawless pen game, he creates something more rewarding than the typical sound of the over-saturated melodic rap game of 2019.

Listen to the EP in full here.

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