Undaworld rapper/producer Jacol6y is one of the underground’s rising stars. His music is dark, raw and formed from the mind of a creative perfectionist.

1. You were at first just a producer, and you recently started rapping, is that correct?

Incorrect, i’ve been rapping since 2016. i dropped a tape before going to boot camp but once i got back i wasn’t feeling like i could rap anymore so i studied graphic design. then i started producing and i fell in love. once i learned i could make my own sound i was excited. then i started rapping again

2. ‘can’t rel8’ is pretty dope. How did that one come together?

i literally wrote that track in like 20 minutes, 4JAY mixed that bitch for me shout out to him. I got high and went crazy.

3. It was a pleasure to host ‘High Self-Esteem’, which alongside ‘2 KKKrumbs’ has a very distinctive sound, I would guess that artists like Lucki were a specific influence?

Bro honestly i just be really high, i don’t try to sound like anyone i’m in the process of finding myself still.

4. Who inspires you to make beats and rap?

Three6mafia heavy, $uicide Boys, Earl Sweat, and Young Thug.

5. How long have you been a part of Undaworld and do you see the benefit of being in a collective?

I joined UW last year, and them niggas my second family now. when i give up they keep me going that’s the benefit

6. You mainly work on your own, but are there any producers whose beats you’d like to rap on?

BRO! i really wanted to work with jewish reaper and its happening. we got sum shit on the way !

7. Where does your artist name come from?

neglect. i ain’t never really had friends, everybody be like “who is jacolby”? so i embraced it!

8. Do you have a project coming soon, or anything else that people should look out for?

i’m dropping a track prod by lil trash, a beat tape, and a ep in the fall. but i got projects with Irk coming, and others sooner so be ready!

Listen to Jacol6y on Soundcloud. Follow him at @WHOISJACOL6y.

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