Houston producer/rapper Soulja Los has cropped up on many of the last two year’s best underground rap releases, he’s long in need of his credit as one of his state’s finest artists.

1. Alright mate! This is such a long overdue interview lmao. Firstly, I want to ask how you are and how life if in Houston? Is there still a bustling rap scene there?

Waaay overdue but we here finally lmao. I’m doing good, life in Houston is straight. That’s my city so ima always love it here. If I’m ever rich af to the point I can move around a lot…Houston would still be my home base no matter what. Houston def still has a rap scene, maybe not as prominent as the 90s and early 2000s but I mean there’s a lot of talent in all sub genres of rap and ppl from all over still come here to make moves like it’s LA or NY…it’s a big city.

2. Who inspired/still inspires you to make music? Are you able to link up with and make music with anyone in Texas/your local area?

As far as making beats…I started off being into “boom bap” producers like madlib, flying lotus, rza, later into all the og trap producers like lex luger, tm88, zaytoven and the og soundcloud producers like john mello, cheezus 3, sgp, teamsesh producers. I used to listen to the old adult swim bumps and from that just got interested in beats and started looking up “how to make a beat” videos type of stuff but never actually tried making a beat till like 2013 when the underground shit was coming up & I was also getting more into the “trap” sort of beats itself. But as far as music in general I’ve always been around music cause my dad was a composer/musician in Panama. I’ve tried everything from piano, trombone to guitar…never mastered any whatsoever but making beats let me be able to create music. I usually make music by myself but I have a couple friends (wxnder$ and lil yuri) close by that make music as well. As far as in the community I’ve only ever linked up with baby gucci at the club for a trippie redd show lmao. Also recorded big pete a few times but they both stay far af from me like an hour…Houston just too big sometimes

3. You’ve dropped a couple of instrumental tapes, most recently the Gateway project with Colton. What do you have in the works next in this regard?

Right now I’m just tryna upload a lot of beats/songs on Spotify & YouTube and just promote/market/brand myself better. I don’t have any projects set in stone but I would like have a couple of beat tapes and vocal ep on my own beats out within the next couple months

4. You’ve produced a few really great songs in the last year and a half, including Big J’s ‘Undefeated’, Pie$’ ‘He a Op’, Herme$’ ‘Southside 2’ and Fried’s ‘Mac Trukkz’. Will we be hearing more people rap on your beats in the future?

Appreciate it…Yeah I def want to work with more and different people in and out of the community. It’s just a matter of communication and/or sending beats

5. What inspired you to make a Soulja Boy diss? In fact, how did you choose your name?

Lmaoo, I’m surprised you looked that far down. I made that song one of those times soulja boy was going viral dissing everyone n i just thought all the clouty publicity stunts online were lame so I made a diss…I have nothing against him though, he still a legend in his own right and pioneered a lot fasho. I had several names since 2013 if you look on my SoundCloud tracks but I stuck with my current name cause a “Soulja” is just how I feel the type of person I am..I don’t be thuggin, or trappin or nun of that. I just keep it g, like a soulja. Also this one vid of Tupac funeral where his friend was like “Pac wasn’t a gangsta…he was a soulja” had some influence too. Look that up

6. Your song ‘Kickback’, which I hosted, is ludicrously underrated. What inspired the creation of that track?

Don’t think I was inspired by something specific but I really just made that song in like the spur of the moment. Made the beat and then just started writing, it took me a couple hours probably

7. Similarly, your collaboration with Baby Gucci, ‘Crank Dat Soulja’ was an excellent track that really showed off both your production and rapping skills. I’m hoping that we’ll hear a tape of you rapping eventually?

Appreciate that! I will eventually, hopefully next time we talk I will have an ep prod by me out but lately I’ve been staying more on the production side of things. I don’t really consider myself much of a rapper but I def want to drop something like that.

8. You’ve also worked alongside other producers, such as ScrewManeFlame. Do you have any intention to work alongside anyone else on your music?

Yes, anyone I’ve talked to in the community I want to work with soon. Right now I’m just trying to get my discography up and have stuff to show for myself

9. Is there anything else we haven’t talked about that you’d like to mention?

Nope, I think that covers a lot for now.
Just follow me on my socials for beats/music, if you just wanna talk music, business or whatever
twitter: SOULJALOS
ig: souljalos_
spotify: Soulja Los
soundcloud: SOULJA LOS
youtube: Soulja Los

S/o anyone that fwm, much love

Listen to Los on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @SOULJALOS.

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