Making convincing trap music can be difficult, but Fendi Benji has it in the bag. On his self-titled project, the artist proves his worth as both a rapper and songwriter. Songs like ‘Jack’ stick to the most basic of formulas, but this doesn’t inhibit the potency of his rapping. Clearly, Benji is a student of the many trap rappers that have had runs in the 2010’s, his enunciation and breath control are both immaculate and he always gets his message across. ‘222’ sweetens the deal with more adventurous production and increasingly sharp hooks. There aren’t any flops here at all, the seven song EP remains consistent as Benji tackles autotune, tales of struggle, and poppier song structures. The lack of features on top of the rapper’s increasing layers of versatility gives validity to Fendi Benji’s theme of aspiration and celebration. If you’re searching for solid, lyrically positive trap, you could do a lot worse than dig into Benji’s music.

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