Influenced by the sounds of alternative rock as much as hip-hop, ITSREAPERX is a talented singer, songwriter and producer.

1. Your new project 1996 – Feels Blue is pretty cool stuff. What inspired its creation?

Thanks haha. Honestly, what inspired its creation was not too much. Like I am a very visual person and if I have an idea of how I want things, I try my best to make it come alive. I guess if that answers the question. I want to be more different. You don’t really come across TONS of female screamers or someone that can actually work with other sounds and is up coming in the underground scene. Which isn’t the easiest but it’s a work in progress.

2. Who are your primary musical inspirations?

If you had a chance to listen to some of it, you could hear the alternative, experimental, metal sound to some songs. My main inspirations to my sound or Linkin Park, Bring me the horizon, Paramore, I wrestled a bear once, Mac Miller, Bones. If other people that haven’t heard any of these people, they are missing out.

3. You seem to mainly use making music as a way of expressing yourself emotionally, do you think it can be a therapeutic process?

Everyone says they use music to express themselves emotionally which is very true but you can express it by being a voice for other people that can’t speak for themselves because they’re afraid to be judged or talked down on. I mean, it could definitely be therapeutic if you are in the right mindset I guess. Like for me if I’m too stressed out, i’m not going to write because stress gives me writers block and that’s stress on top of stress. But I’m always gonna have something to say eventually. The process of it helps in the end because you’re like sitting there knowing you went through a shit show to get it just right and the end result is the way you like it. That’s a real good feeling.

4. Name some of your favourite people to collaborate with. Is there anybody you’re still seeking to work with?

Now this is a very interesting question because I worked with a few people and I think still my favorite one currently is another artists named IMRECOURSE. I honestly think we make a great duo when it comes to collaborating. He respects my craft and doesn’t give me shit pretty much and vice versa. And that’s pretty much what you should want when it comes to working with other artists that are on the same level as you or even above you. Most the time I do like working alone though but if there’s a good artist that wants to collab or feature, I’m down to work with them. There is definitely people that I want to work with still but those people are more higher up in the game and some of them are not with us today. Usually I collab with guys but I want to work with more female artists. Hopefully I can come across more of them. I even have a good handful of friends that would like to see me and Billie Eilish collab with each other believe it or not. I think I’m good but I’m not good like up to her level. But I mean I’m willing to improve anyway I can to get to that point. That would be something.

5. How did you choose your artist name?

Interesting story, when I first started making any type of sound, I started making beats and I kind of still do. My artist name was ITSSUNNII ( it’s sunny ) but then I had a feeling I should change it because I have such a dark tone to my sound that I was like “ this name doesn’t fit at all.” Also people didn’t know how to pronounce it or anything so ITSREAPERx came along. I was on YouTube and just kept looking at my artist name and kept the “ it’s” part from ITSSUNNII for those who followed me from the beginning. Some of my songs are about death and feeling like I’m dead inside and just straight up not having a good time. Some people even call me Goth because my Twitter name “ Goth Angel… honestly I will respond to them all. I’m use to it at this point.

6. What are your other interests aside from music?

So when I’m not making music or beats, I am taking photos or Vice versa, skateboarding, going to car shows, drawing and painting, working out, hanging out and doing stupid shit with friends, YouTube videos but it’s been a while or watching my favorite show The office on Netflix.

7. Where can people find your music other than Soundcloud?

You guys can find me on iTunes, Spotify, Google music or whatever that is. Hahaha. Pretty much anywhere.

8. Is there anything else that we should be looking out for during the rest of the year?

Definitely be on the lookout for new music with some other good artists from the underground and music from myself within a couple weeks to a month just because things have been pretty hectic. Be on the lookout for potential videos of some sort as well. If anybody wants to get updated, just follow my Twitter and press the bell to get more updates. My dude Chris, will help you with some updates.

Listen to Reaper on Soundcloud. Follow her on Twitter at @ITSREAPERx.

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